Q. Why is Indiana Avenue between Middle Road and Wells Ferry Road in Bettendorf in such bad condition? There are no end lines, no center line, and it's very rough. Plus, there is a narrow bridge. In short, its quality does not come close to matching neighboring roads. It is especially difficult to drive on at night. There are many of us who use this road to go from Bettendorf to Clinton. — Bruce, Bettendorf

A. Brent O. Morlock, city engineer for Bettendorf, said, "Thank you for your questions. Indiana Avenue between Middle Road and Wells Ferry Road is a rural cross section roadway, with a sealcoat driving surface, roadside ditches and averages approximately 1,500 vehicles per day. The base of this roadway is very solid, but the surface did experience some 'washboarding' last year and a contractor was hired to correct those rough areas. The city's annual rural road sealcoat program will occur this spring and all of Indiana Avenue will be re-sealcoated as part of it, which will improve the ride quality. We do not stripe rural sealcoat roads because the pavement markings do not adhere to the surface.

"Regarding the bridge, all city bridges are inspected bi-annually and the inspection for this bridge did not reveal any structural deficiencies. The load rating is lower than current standards, however, and as such we are planning to explore state and federal funding options for replacement in the future."

Q. Whatever happened to the plans that the city of Davenport was making to provide low-cost internet service to Davenport residents? — Bill

A. We contacted the city for more information. Brandon Wright, chief financial officer and assistant city administrator, responded:

"In 2014, the city commissioned Magellan Advisors to conduct a study of Davenport's fiber optic network and to provide recommendations for utilizing that network to improve broadband Internet connectivity in the community. Their recommendation included exploring public-private partnerships as an option to expand Davenport's fiber network footprint and to provide high-speed Internet connectivity to Davenport residents and businesses. Based on that recommendation, the city entered into exclusive negotiations with two different companies without reaching final contracts and business models agreeable to both parties. As such, the city is no longer pursuing the model recommended in the Magellan study, but remains involved with private companies interested in expanding broadband Internet service in Davenport and the Quad-Cities."

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Q. What is the new building under construction on Victoria Street in Bettendorf between Tech Drive and Maplecrest? Looks like a new office building. What is going in there? — Richard

A. Jeff Reiter, economic development director for the city, said it is, Natural Health Improvement Center of the Quad-Cities, a health and wellness clinic, specializing in chiropractic, massage and similar treatments and therapies.

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