Q: I was checking out to see if a golf cart or a high-speed electric vehicle (45 mph) could be legalized for the streets, but was told they could not. I don't understand this since the speed limits are 35 mph and you can drive 10 mph under and be legal. A golf cart goes 25 mph standard. I think all states need to look at legalizing any types of electric vehicles. It would reduce smog and reduce the usage of oil, and they are affordable.

- Douglas, Davenport

A: Douglas, that's a plan that the city of Wapello, Iowa, actually is looking into. Wapello City Council member Shawn Maine suggested that the city consider allowing golf carts and utility vehicles to use city streets. Maine and Police Chief Wayne Crump researched the idea and discovered Iowa law allows local governments to regulate street use of the vehicles. The town's idea was that drivers could save money by not driving their gas-guzzling vehicles, and the city could receive licensing revenue.

It is up to individual cities, and most do not allow golf carts to operate on city streets.

Q: Could you do some research and see if you can find an assisted living or nursing home that has dialysis in their facility in the Quad-City area? It is difficult for my friend to go to the dialysis site for this treatment four times a week.

- Resident of Eldridge, Iowa

A: We have not yet learned of kidney dialysis centers in assisted living facilities or private nursing homes in the Quad-Cities, but your question comes at a time when a national investigation examined dialysis centers across the United States.

According to ProPublica, there are several dialysis centers in the Davenport area which receive regular inspections. They are connected either to hospital operations or to the group of clinics scattered geographically around the region, known as the Quad-Cities Kidney Center facilities.

There is a new online ProPublica tracker: projects.propublica.org/dialysis/ The dialysis facility tracker allows patients to compare clinics on measures such as patient survival, infection control, hospitalization rates and transplant rates.

ProPublica is an independent, nonprofit newsroom that produces investigative journalism in the public interest.

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Q: I am searching for Duraflame (that particular brand) fire logs. I realize that spring is here, but the nights are chilly and I love to use my fireplace. Can I purchase them anywhere in the Quad-Cities?

- L.C., Davenport

A: Duraflame can be purchased at home supply stores, such as Menards and Lowe's, which do carry the brand. However, be warned that it considered is a seasonal item and may not be in stock as we get closer to summer.

(Answers provided by Times staff members Linda

Watson, Deirdre Baker and Lynda Booker.)