Several Ask the Times readers have asked about road construction on Veterans Memorial Parkway:

Q. What is the plan to complete Veterans Memorial Parkway? I drive by the uncompleted section off of Jersey Ridge Road every morning. I've also driven by the new Chevrolet dealer on Elmore and it looks like all the approaches are poured, but the road isn't done. It seems like this has been "in process" for quite a while but is taking a long time to complete. The section connecting Jersey Ridge to Eastern Avenue is great, and I'm looking forward to the rest of the road being done. -- Adam

Q. Why is it taking so long to complete Veterans Memorial Parkway in Davenport? The section from Eastern Avenue to Jersey Ridge Road was opened in December 2013. Now three years later no additional sections of the Parkway have opened, and with the winter shutdown of construction it looks like it may be four years before the section from Jersey Ridge to Utica Ridge is open. I've never seen such slow progress building roads like here in the Quad Cities. -- Richard

A. We contacted the city of Davenport for more information. Brian Schadt, deputy public works director and city engineer, responded:

"The Veterans Memorial Parkway corridor has always been planned for and budgeted in phases. To maintain manageable projects, both in design and construction, the projects were split in the following phases: Jersey Ridge Road to the bridge over I-74, the I-74 bridge (administered by the Iowa Department of Transportation), from the bridge over I-74 to Utica Ridge Road and from Utica Ridge Road to the east corporate limits. The areas east of Eastern Avenue to the east corporate limits have been in the Bi-State Regional Commission Long Range Transportation plan and all received 80 percent funding through the Surface Transportation Program. The section from Jersey Ridge Road to the I-74 Bridge has been designed and the remaining right-of-way and temporary easements are being acquired. The intent is an Iowa DOT bid in late winter with construction following next spring/summer. This schedule for this section did change as the scope of the project changed, including the addition of a roundabout at Jersey Ridge Road as well the opportunity to apply for, and receive funds from the Revitalize Iowa’s Sound Economy Grant program through the Iowa DOT."

Q. I have previously used gold-colored dollar coins to spread around during this holiday period, but I'm having a hard time finding any lately. I went to a couple of banks and no one seems to have any rolls of gold-dollar coins. Where can I but some? -- Bill, Davenport

A.  If you are asking about the Sacagawea Golden Dollar minted from 2000-2014, you may want to contact the U.S. Mint at Here is a link to a list of financial institutions in the Quad-Cities that also may be able to help The Quad-City Coin Club may be another possibility

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