Q: There are eight box-type things filled with dirt with a fence around them between Brady and Farnam streets on 32nd Street in Davenport. I’d like to know what they are.

— Virginia, Davenport

A: It’s an active Community Partnership Program project in the Duck Creek Corners neighborhood.

Roy DeWitt of Davenport’s Community Planning and Economic Development Department tells us that in the short term, the goal is to construct a community garden for the neighborhood on the flood buyout property Virginia noted. In the future, hopes are to obtain additional funding and support to expand the garden, plant additional fruit- and nut-bearing trees and shrubs, ornamental landscaping at the intersection of 32nd and Farnam streets, and possibly an expanded trailhead on the northeast corner of the intersection for better access to the Duck Creek bike path.

Q: I have a question about the concertmaster’s position at the Quad-City Symphony. At this season’s initial concert, the new concertmaster, a woman whose name I do not remember, was introduced as the choice from among the four candidates who had performed last season. However, at the last two concerts the concertmaster has been a male. Has something changed with the original choice?

— Tom, Quad-Cities

A: Symphony spokesman Jared Johnson said the observation is correct.

“Our new concertmaster, Naha Greenholtz, was only available for four of our six concert sets this season when she signed her contract,” Johnson said. “We had a guest concertmaster performing with us who was hand-picked by Naha. His name is Zhan Shu, and he is a violinist with the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra. Naha will be performing on the remaining three sets for this season.”

Q: Why is the second or third page of my newspaper ripped halfway down every morning? The same place in the paper, the same jagged tear. It’s been happening for a month or more.

Enclosed is a sample of the newspaper I got last week. The torn sheets come at least one or two times a month.

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— Judy from Davenport and Erla from Moline

A: Thank you for contacting us about the torn pages in your newspaper. Production manager Steve Dye explains that the newspaper press has been experiencing some difficulties. The tearing problem shows up under certain formats and days, primarily Thursday papers, which is the edition Erla sent to Ask the Times.

“We are currently working toward a solution for this problem and hope to have this problem corrected soon,” Dye said. The Times has installed some new equipment, brought in experts to train the press operators and inspect the roller and folder equipment on the press, and is working with the layout of the daily paper to avoid problem runs for the press.

If you have any further questions or concerns regarding your Quad-City Times subscription, feel free to contact our customer care center at1-888-406-6450.

(Answers provided by Times reporters Kurt Allemeier and David Burke and community editor Linda Watson.)