Q: I heard they’re trying to find snow angels to shovel snow for the elderly at their residences. I’d like to find out how to volunteer to do two or three.

— Mike, Davenport

A: Mike, what you heard about is the city of Davenport’s “snow angel” program, organized by the Davenport Volunteer Connection. It matches volunteers with seniors and physically disabled residents in the community to remove snow from their sidewalks and walkways if they can’t take care of it themselves.

Individuals, community groups and organizations can sign up to be snow angels. Davenport residents who are age 60 or older or have a physical disability can receive help.

Apply at volunteerdavenport.com or call the Davenport Volunteer Connection at 563-888-3200 for an application.

Coordinator Kim Hatfield said since the program was announced last week, she has received five requests for assistance and two individuals have volunteered to clear sidewalks and walkways when the snow flies.

Q: Many years ago, there were two A&W restaurants in Davenport — one on Rockingham Road and the other on North Division Street. Ron Stupka was the owner. He had a unique sauce for his hot dogs — it had no tomato flavor and it had little bits of ground beef. My son has been trying to locate it, but has been unsuccessful. I hope you can help.

— Lori, Davenport

A: We tracked down Ron Stupka, retired now in Florida, who described the brown-colored sauce served at his A&W as “a real Coney Island sauce.” Unfortunately, neither he nor any other family members are willing to share the recipe for it.

“It’s proprietary,” Stupka said by phone. “It’s our own recipe.”

You can find quite a few recipes with varying ingredients, including ground beef, by doing a web search for “recipes” and “Coney Island hotdog sauce.”

Perhaps your son can find a similar one there or experiment to create his own.

Q: What happened to “19 Kids and Counting” that used to be on the TLC network? It was briefly on Discovery Fit and Health just for one week.

— Sandra, Wilton, Iowa

A: In a blog post Monday on the official Duggar family website, the series will return for a new season sometime around the last week of March. “TLC has not yet solidified the date, as the series is still in edit, but we will keep you posted. The Duggars will be back before you know it,” according to the blog post.

Q: I see a railroad police SUV driving around Davenport. Is that a private enforcement agency? Can they assist other law enforcement departments or take part in police chases, etc.?

— John, Davenport

A: According to Davenport Assistant Police Chief Don Schaeffer, those are armed agents with the Canadian Pacific Police Service, who work closely with the communities along the rail lines and other law enforcement and government agencies to support infrastructure security.

(Answers provided by Times community editor Linda Watson and reporters David Burke and Brian Wellner.)