Porter's Convenient 66 owner Chris McDanel, right, sells Powerball tickets at his Clinton, Iowa, business. Kevin E. Schmidt

Q: I have a bunch of nonwinning Lottery tickets that one could turn in, and usually it was around Christmastime each year. What can you tell me about this?

— Maggie, Eldridge

A: Iowa Lottery officials say they have two promotions running right now for nonwinning scratch tickets. Players can enter the Tech the Halls promotion at www.ialottery.com with nonwinning holiday scratch tickets from this year. There’s a notation on these tickets that says they are eligible for a holiday promotion. Entrants can win Sony products like TVs or a laptop, or up to $5,000 cash.

Also, players can use nonwinning Veterans Hot 7s scratch tickets to enter the Panther Game Day Giveaway, also at www.ialottery.com. Here they could win a package for four to sit in a suite and watch the University of Northern Iowa men’s basketball game Jan. 22 with Drake in Cedar Falls. They also receive one night’s hotel stay and a parking permit. The drawing will be held on Wednesday.


Q: Did Bristol Palin get paid enough from “Dancing with the Stars” to be able to afford the house she bought? Or did she get that money as a result of her speaking engagements on teen pregnancy, spotlighted by her mother’s fame?

— Daniel, Quad-Cities

A: The Davenport Public Library reference department pieced together some information from recent media reports. 

Bristol Palin paid $172,000 in cash for a five-bedroom, brown stucco house in a Phoenix suburb in December, but no one seemed to know why. “I’m not sure why she wanted to buy that home, but we are real happy for her,” Michael Smith, the seller, told the Arizona Republic. TMZ.com reported that Palin, 20, plans to move to Arizona to attend college, possibly Arizona State University, but the university had no comment. According to public records and Websites, Palin is the sole buyer of the 3,900-square-foot house with a tile roof, 2 1/2 baths, a three-car garage and access to a community pool in the Cobblestone Farms development in Maricopa, Ariz. Built in 2006 and originally sold for $329,560, the house went to foreclosure in January. Smith and his wife, Cynthia, from North Dakota, bought the place as an investment in May for $137,200. 

On her speaking engagements, it’s reported that they bring in about $14,000 a gig.

As far as “Dancing with the Stars” compensation, each celebrity contestant makes $125,000 for signing on, committing to three weeks of rehearsal for the show’s season premiere and for competing in the first two episodes. Every star gets this amount, even the first contestant eliminated from the competition. Contestants who make it to weeks three and four receive an extra $10,000 per week. At weeks five and six, another $20,000 per week will be added on. For weeks seven and eight, they can make $30,000 more per episode and $50,000 per episode on top of that for the remaining two weeks of the competition, according to  www.associatedcontent.com.

Q: I saw Jimi Hendrix at the Col Ballroom on Aug. 11, 1968. Can you find a review of his performance? I thought there was one the day after, but I have not been able to find it.

— Bob, Clinton, Iowa

A: Sorry, we searched our archives for that week and did not find a review of the performance. We did, however, find a preview story about the upcoming concert at the Col Ballroom in Davenport, under the headline: “Show on Aug. 11: A Really Groovy Group.” Hope you had a groovy time at the concert.

(Answers provided by Times staff and Davenport Public Library reference department.)