The Quad-Cities River Bandits will honor the victims of Monday's tragedy in Boston prior to tonight's home game against Clinton.

A moment of silence will be help prior to the 7 p.m. game at Modern Woodmen Park as way to remember those whose lives were lost.

"We want to honor, them families, the remarkable bravery of Boston's citizens and its first responders, and all runners around the world who refuse to be intimidated by cowardly terrorists with this tribute,'' River Bandits owner Dave Heller said in a statement.

The River Bandits started their own run this season and any individual who wears an official t-shirt from the Bandits Race to Home 5K held on April 6 will receive free admission to tonight's game. Any individual wearing a shirt from any other Quad-Cities area race will receive half-price admission.

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Are you serious? What on earth is wrong with a moment of silence to recognize lives lost, forever changed, and heroes from this tragic event??? If you or someone in your family were involved or affected in some way by this I'm sure you wouldn't be complaining about people you don't even know coming together to send you good thoughts. These people need all the support they can get. I really don't think this will affect your ability to enjoy the game.


Dude, you whine more than my nephew's 2 year old .... sheesh

senor citizen

I thought going to the ballpark was to take respite from one's troubles. The victims of the mass miserly so publicized by the Media is now brought to the ballpark. Think it must be better to watch it after the first inning has started.


Really?? Can you be so cold hearted as to complain about a moment of silence to honor the victims of such a tragedy?? You make me sick!

senor citizen

A moment of silence might make the people who observe it feel better but does nothing for the victims and their families as they will not even know about it and probably won't be consoled at this stage. Glad I make you sick though.


Understanding that someone with your mindset will probably never be open to this, it is PROVEN that there is something to be said about power of positive energy/ thought, especially the power of collective thought. So I'm sorry, but the victims and their families WILL feel the love and it will make a difference for them. Not going to waste any more of my energy trying to make you aware that there actually is a higher level of conscience to explore that is beyond your brain. Enjoy the game, and put your head phones on while everyone else at the ballpark unifies for the people involved in this horrific event.

senor citizen

Moms thanks for clearing that up, I was wrong and appreciate your insight.


senior citizen, thank you for the apology, it is very much appreicated and very refreshing. Have a great day :)

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