The homeowners hadn't yet arrived at their burning home when I got to the Moline fire on June 21, 2016.

Jasmine and Dan Carr had been living in their remodeled one-story home at 3740 19th Ave. for just three weeks. Friends Chet and Liz DeSmet had helped them move in Memorial Day weekend.

The DeSmets' friendship was even more important on the day of the fire.

Liz DeSmet heard from a firefighter friend about the blaze at the Carrs'. The DeSmets "flew across town," she said, because they were worried about their friends' dogs. The animals were safe, but they stayed close to the DeSmets as they waited for their own people to get home.

The Carrs' pit bull, Lucy, was given oxygen after she was rescued from the basement. On Thursday, Lucy and two other dogs sat in a neat row, looking out the picture window in the front of the fully repaired home.

"We've been back in since November," Dan Carr said.

When I remarked about the trio of dogs, watching us quietly from the window inside, Carr offered, "We just got the puppy a month ago."

In the fire a year ago, the family lost a pet bird, but they were so relieved to see their dogs on the sidewalk with their friends that day. In my column from the fire, I noted how hesitant Jasmine Carr had been to make her way down the sidewalk, over the fire hoses and in full view of the smoke and wreckage.

It was like she was playing the old game, Mother May I, in which you must ask for permission to take each step. When the house came into full view, she sobbed.

I happened to be inside the next-door neighbors' house when Dan Carr came in to ask for a box for their bird. He had been crying, too, and remarked, "I feel sick to my stomach."

A year later, all of that was gone.

The house looks brand new, and there was that blue-eyed puppy in the window, and Dan Carr smiled when he talked about how everything had been redone.

Neighbors were in their homes, and the street was quiet, and no one was crying.

It is possible to restore peace.

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