Local residents are concerned about the poor upkeep of the Fairmount Cemetery on Rockingham Road in Davenport. Family members have begun tending grave sites, because no one else is taking care of the property.

Kevin E. Schmidt, QUAD-CITY TIMES

For the first time in months, the old cemetery on the hill above Rockingham Road looks presentable.

But there's no telling how long it will last.

Maintenance crews are long gone from Fairmount Cemetery, which is in receivership with the state of Iowa and is likely to wind up in the care of the city of Davenport or Scott County.

Financial troubles and quarrels among the cemetery board have left the grounds at Fairmount in near ruin. It looks presentable now, because nearly 100 volunteers turned out Saturday to mow about 200 acres of grass and cut out-of-control weeds into temporary submission.

Columnist Barb Ickes has been talking to Fairmount leadership, past and present, and is bringing their story to this Sunday's Big Story.