Fallen trees lay across grave markers in areas of the Fairmount Cemetery off Rockingham Road in Davenport. Volunteers spent the weekend mowing the 200-plus-acre cemetery, which has been neglected for months.

Kevin E. Schmidt, QUAD-CITY TIMES

Some families are considering having their loved ones' bodies exhumed from Davenport's Fairmount Cemetery.

Conditions at the once-bucolic, rolling property above Rockingham Road have been deteriorating for years. Maintenance crews made their final passes with lawn mowers before Mother's Day, and volunteers have stepped up to keep it presentable.

But records are lost, equipment is broken, gravesites are disturbed, and Fairmount's governing board has walked away. Bad blood between some Fairmount families made matters worse.

Now the state of Iowa is intervening, taking the old cemetery into receivership.

Its future is the focus of our Big Story, coming in Sunday's Quad-City Times.