A campaign to raise $100,000 to purchase a new grand piano and sound recording equipment in time for the opening of Bettendorf High School’s new performing arts center is falling short, but that won’t stop the effort.

The Bettendorf Fine Arts Boosters began its “Raise the Curtain” campaign in April to buy equipment for the school’s 840-seat performing arts center, the final piece of a

$19.2 million expansion and renovation project. The center is expected to open to the public next month.

So far, the campaign has raised about $22,000, booster club president Lora Lockwood said.

While booster club members are disappointed, Lockwood said the organization is not giving up.

“We’ll get there,” she said.

Lockwood said the boosters are writing grant applications to raise more money.

The school’s performing arts programs have traditionally not received as much recognition as the athletic programs, said Jim Berry, the school’s director of choral activities.

“I think that’s about to change with the new performing arts facility we have here at the high school,” Berry said.

Berry said the performing arts center will be “the jewel of our school district.”

He believes the facility will raise the public profile of the school’s performing arts programs once it is open and spur additional donations.

The 7 1/2-foot Yamaha grand piano the booster club hopes to purchase would cost about $42,000, Berry said.

He also would like to see the boosters purchase an electronic upright piano for about $10,000.

Berry said he now hopes the boosters will raise the funds to buy the equipment before the beginning of the next school year.

“I’m confident that we’ll get everything we need, and it will be just fine,” he said.

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By putting in a new field and lights you provide a safe durable field to practice and play on for soccer, football, and the band as well as opening up extra parking for the student body because the band wont have to practice in the band parking lot. I'm so sick of people saying that the money being spent by the district needs to go to academics. How is a new auditorium going to improve academics? That's on the students to try harder in school. At least football and soccer games bring in 10s of thousands of people who spend money on the tickets and concessions. If you added up all the people that attend plays and chorus performances in the last 5 years it probably equals up to the attendance of half of one football season. I played football and soccer for the Bulldogs. The fields were dangerous then and after walking on them recently they are worse then ever now. Look at PV's new field and Clintons new field they are putting in. They make the schools look amazing when will Bettendorfs school board and administration get with the times and start improving these things. People have offered to pay for the field in the past as long as the money goes to the football field and every time the offers have been declined by both the administration and school board because they said the money has to be divided up between all the programs. This makes no sense when PV had someone pay for half of their new football/soccer field and the money went right to exactly that. Anyone who knows the state of the Bettendorf administration knows they turned down the money because they don't want to be known as a "Football School". Well sorry to tell them no matter what they do they will be known as a football school. So why not just embrace the title and give the people what they want?


Sooooo a project that as so post to cost 12 million dollars ended up costing almost 20 million an they are still raising money for it?? Explain to me how this is possible? I think the addition looks neat but it almost cost twice as much as they first thought and now they are raising more money?? How about the school puts some money into something like oh I don't know the horrible state of the soccer and football field. Yes the auditorium needed to be renovated no one is saying it didn't but when your soccer field is a swomp after it rains and the football field is turns to mud half way through the season because the 2 freshman, sophomore, and varsity football teams all play game on it and the marching band uses it for practice. On top of all of it the light poles are so horrible that professionals who have looked at them said they need to be replaced as soon as possible due to them being rusted and cracked. Plus they don't provide near enough light. How can you live 25 minutes from the Musco Lighting headquarters and not have good lights?

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