For drivers wondering when heavily traveled and bumpy Utica Ridge Road will be reconstructed between Spruce Hills Drive and Tanglefoot Lane in Bettendorf, the answer is 2014.

When city officials announced their ambitious capital improvements for the 2012 construction season in April, they expected to have the Utica Ridge project finished by this month.

But problems in obtaining rights of way for temporary construction easements needed for driveway and sidewalk replacement delayed the start, and the city council decided to change plans, said Denny Snyder, the city engineer.

Rather than do Utica Ridge next year, council members decided instead to finish Tanglefoot Lane from Greenbrier Drive west to Utica Ridge in 2013 and put off Utica Ridge until 2014, he said.

The reason they do not want to both projects during the same year is that Tanglefoot is a detour for Utica Ridge.

The Utica Ridge project, with a projected cost of $1.9 million, calls for reconstruction of the existing four-lane road and adding a continuous left-turn lane from Spruce Hills to Tanglefoot. In addition, right-hand turn lanes will be added at Spruce Hills and Tanglefoot, Snyder said.

Tanglefoot has been reconstructed from Greenbrier east to Devils Glen Road, with the portion between 18th Street and Greenbrier finished this summer for $1.59 million, Snyder said. Next year’s portion is expected to cost $1.7 million.

Also on the schedule for 2013 is the building of the Middle Road Recreational Trail along Middle from Devils Glen Road to Parkway Drive. Bids are to be let in January, Snyder said.

Some residents opposed the project because of concerns about the safety of having a trail so close to a heavily traveled road, and they questioned whether a trail is needed or wanted by residents. They also opposed the 10-foot width, so the proposed trail has been reduced to eight feet in the stretch between 18th Street and Parkway.

Some people had suggested an even narrower width of six feet in that area, but in that case, homeowners would have been responsible for snow removal, Snyder said. If the path is eight feet, the city is responsible, he said.

Other projects finished this summer and their costs, including construction, engineering, inspection and rights of way, are the:

- Devils Glen Recreational Trail from Middle Road south to Devils Glen Park, $860,000.

- 29th Street reconstruction from Maplecrest Road to Tanglefoot Lane, $775,000.

- Ten Plus Street paving, from Central Avenue to 28th Street, $1.29 million.

n 25th Street sealcoat replacement, from Oak to Glen streets, and Cody Street sealcoat replacement, from 25th to 26th streets, $580,000.

- Paving on Oak Street from 21st Street to the middle of the block, $260,000.