Preliminary financial reports from the 2011-12 fiscal year show that all 55 of Bettendorf’s city funds finished within budget, finance director Carol Barnes told city council members Monday.

“I’m really, really pleased about that,” she said.

Among the highlights of Barnes’ report during the council’s committee-of-the-whole meeting were estimates from the Scott County Assessor’s Office that showed about $54 million in new construction in Bettendorf during the last fiscal year, including about $46.8 million in residential construction.

Barnes said that could mean an additional $74.5 million in tax revenues in the city’s next budget, an increase of about 4.15 percent over the previous year.

“That gives us a lot of flexibility in the upcoming budget,” Barnes said.

The Family Museum also made strides during the last fiscal year, with about 47 percent of its $1.6 million in operating funds coming from its own earned revenue, up from 41 percent in the previous year.

Barnes said that means the museum is becoming less dependent on city funds to pay its operating expenses. She said attendance at the museum was 122,720 in the 2011-12 fiscal year, up from 107,997 the previous year. She credited Jeff Reiter and Kim Kidwell, who served as interim co-directors of the museum from December to September, for keeping the facility on the right track.

Barnes said the city did have some financial challenges in the last fiscal year. Fuel costs for city vehicles rose by about 22 percent, and health insurance costs were up more than 21 percent, due in part to three “catastrophic” medical issues experienced by people covered by the city’s health insurance plan, Barnes said.

Mayor Bob Gallagher Jr. said the report showed the city is taking “significant steps in the right direction.”

”We’re very pleased with the numbers,” Gallagher said.


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Mike Freemire

Congratulations to the City of Bettendorf. It is clear that the citizens of Bettendorf are well served by the employees, management team, city council and mayor. What the article didn't point out is the tremendous investment in the city's streets and parks while continuing to balance the operating budget. Well done! Enjoy the day. Mike

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