Austin Halupnik

School: PVHS

Coach: Steve Hillman

Age: 17

Grade: Senior

Sport: Basketball

How do you train? Our team stays busy during the off-season. We practice and lift three days a week. In addition, I try to shoot five days a week, and do acceleration training to improve my quickness.

What would you say to someone who wants to start basketball? Always go as hard as you can, even when you're tired. Work hard during the off-season and focus on the aspects of your game that you struggle with, even if it's not fun.

What are your post high school plans? I plan on going to four-year university to study biology on the pre-med track. I don't plan to continue playing basketball, but I will enjoy playing in intramurals.

Reason for nomination? "Austin committed himself in the off-season to work to improve his game and skills," Coach Hillman said. "He is a critical part of our team and has a very unselfish attitude and team first mindset. We are very proud of Austin!"

--Alyssa Paulson