Janis Robinson

Janis Robinson has been helping Bettendorf students for 40 years.

For 40 years, Janis Robinson has volunteered in a Bettendorf elementary school every school day, helping a total of four teachers at three different elementary schools: Thomas Jefferson, Mark Twain and Herbert Hoover.

“I just love being with the kids,” Robinson said. “You get hugs. It’s just fun to be around them.”

Robinson was honored during Bettendorf Community School District's Volunteer Week, April 17-21.

She often helps in the classroom by working with students in small groups, reading to students and having students read to her.

“I’ve done whatever the teacher wants me to do,” Robinson said. “I help students with whatever they are working on. It can be different every day.”

“Mrs. Robinson has been invaluable to me,” said Renee Fluhr-Callahan, kindergarten teacher. “This was my first year teaching kindergarten so she has shown me the ropes with all of her years of experience in kindergarten. My students love working with Mrs. Robinson, who helps at a center for both literacy and math. The students cherish their time at Mrs. Robinson's center.”

Robinson has four children and two grandchildren who attended Bettendorf schools.