Steve Sorensen has been a consistent supporter of downtown Bettendorf revitalization and takes every opportunity to patronize downtown businesses, such as Village Inn.

Sorensen has provided business consulting services to numerous local corporate and public entities for more than three decades, and serves as managing director of Strategy in Progress LLC, a consulting firm that helps organizations envision and plan their future, while creating the organizational structure necessary to achieve those goals.

Sorensen helps businesses think about how they might do things better and question themselves.

The knowledge and skills Steve developed over the course of his career in municipal and business management have been put to work with the City of Bettendorf. He was part of the audit team that helped the city recover from its financial crisis. He participated on the search committee to identify the current city finance director, served on the Bettendorf Development Corporation board and facilitated several city planning processes. He also applied these same skills to projects in both local school districts.

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“There are always more opportunities than resources," he said. "Management needs a well thought-out process to identify opportunities and establish achievable goals.” He adds, “Too often business executives get caught up in day-to-day responsibilities and fail to take time to think through what the company needs to do next in both the medium and long-term future.”