Jacob Mitvalsky

Grade: 5

School: Paul Norton Elementary

Parents: Kara and Mit Mitvalsky

Why was student nominated? Teacher Kathryn Pickett said, "Jacob is very worthy of being the 'Student of the Week' because he displays the characteristics we look for in good role models in our students. He is respectful, kind, caring, polite, organized, mannerly and is so focused during lessons. His work ethics is amazing as is knowing how to treat others as he would like to be treated."

What message you would like for others to think about? "The better behavior you have, the better you will do. Also, family is even more important than friends."

What makes you happy? "Hanging out with friends and family."

What teacher has inspired you and why? "Miss Runde helped inspire me, because in kindergarten she taught me the right attitude to have at school."

What accomplishments are you proud of? "This month I completed a 10-mile summit hike in Colorado, going above tree line for the first time to the top of Flat Top Mountain (12,324 feet above sea level)."

Anything else you would like for others to know: "In addition to climbing mountains, I am on a swim team, play the violin, and am a Webelos II Cub Scout. I also enjoy canoeing and kayaking, especially on the Wisconsin River."