Kashvi Kommuri

Kashvisri "Kashvi" Kommuri

Age: 7

School: Hopewell Elementary

Parents: Suryakala Grandhi and Anand Kommuri

Why was student nominated? "Kashvi’s heart and kindness in the classroom stands out each and every day," teacher Carrie Kuesel said. "She is always willing to try new things and isn’t afraid to share her thinking during class discussions. She will be the first to compliment a classmate and to help a friend in need. I love how she shows cooperation in small group work, praises the efforts of her teammates, and is willing to compromise while working out a problem. She knows how to light up our classroom with her sweet stories and positive attitude."

What teacher has inspired you and why? "Mrs. Kuesel because she is a very nice teacher."

What is your favorite thing about school? "To be with my friends and learn."

What are you most proud of? "I’m proud to be at Hopewell. I’m proud of making friends."