nathan curtis

Nathan Curtis

Nathan Curtis

Age: 17

School: Edison Academy

Parents: Janette Curtis

Why was student nominated? "Nathan has been recognized as a leader by his teachers and by his peers," said Christy Haynes, his teacher. "Nathan holds true to himself and does not get involved in typical high school drama or peer pressure. He maintains excellent grades while working at Hy-Vee. He is internally motivated to not only do well in school, but also to learn whatever he can. He is a likeable person and a natural leader. Nathan has also been elected as student council president. He is a voice for all students, selflessly giving his time and even bringing in snacks for the school pantry."

What teacher has inspired you and why? "All of my Edison teachers inspire me.  Christy, my history teacher, has helped me with personal problems. Shawn, my English teacher, has such an upbeat attitude every day and her stories have impacted me so much.  Teresa, my math teacher, is just sweet 24-7; and Kitty, my science teacher is always happy. Their help and encouragement create an environment where I can be myself."

What are you most proud of? "I am proud of myself for being resistant to peer pressure. I am not influenced by drugs and alcohol."