Oscar Olsen

AGE: 12


SCHOOL: Riverdale Heights Elementary

PARENTS/GUARDIANS: Stephanie and Henry Olsen

WHY WAS STUDENT NOMINATED? Oscar was nominated by his sixth-grade teacher, Brin Merrell. “Oscar is an extremely hard work and extremely kind to others. He also did the right thing by notifying an adult when he realized other students were not making a good choice.”

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WHAT IS HE MOST PROUD OF? Oscar is proud of the sports he plays because he enjoys being a part of a team and working together with others.

WHAT MAKES HIM HAPPY? Dogs make Oscar happy because he is a dog person, and he used to have one as a pet.

WHAT TEACHER HAS INSPIRED HIM AND WHY? Oscar was inspired by his fifth-grade teacher, Michael Strobbe, because he is a funny, outgoing guy, and he taught Oscar to be the same way.

WHAT IS YOUR REACTION TO HONOR? Oscar was very surprised and honored to receive this recognition.