Tristan Wakefield

Age: 13

School: Rivermont Collegiate

Parent: Kimberly Wakefield

Why was student nominated?  “Tristan Wakefield is an all-around good kid. He is unfailingly polite, gifted academically, and a strong athlete," said Monica Weeks, Middle and Upper School Director. "Tristan has faced challenges in his young life not the least of which is juvenile diabetes. Knowing firsthand about the disease Tristan has helped educate others through both school and community projects. Tristan Wakefield truly embodies Rivermont’s pillars of Intellect, Character, and Creativity."

What are you most proud of? "I get solid grades that will help me through the rest of my life."

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What makes you happy? "I like playing sports, I also like math, reading, and spending time with my classmates. We know each other very well."

What person has inspired you and why? "I would have to say my mom, partially because she is a runner and I like to run. She is also good at math and I like math too."

What is your reaction to this honor? "My first reaction was wow! I was surprised and excited to receive this honor."