Editor's note: The following are selected stories and drawings from Tisha Clark's fourth-grade class at Neil Armstrong Elementary School. The Bettendorf News celebrates youngsters learning the English language; therefore, no editing or spelling corrections have been made. We hope you find them as cute as we do. 

Dakada Halcomb

There once was a reindeer named Frank who wanted a drink from the sink.

He fell and scared Bob the elf. Bob hit the shelf. What a day it was.

Brandon Wayne Bishop

Jingle bells … jingle bells,

Where is santas sleight?

I try to sleep on christmas eve

But find there’s just no way.

Sugar plums and presents

are not what are in my mind

My thoughts are filled

With all the things that could go wrong today.

Rudolphs nose could go out

And santa could not see

There could just be no Santa and it could have been my mommy

She could forget and make me cry this christmas day instead.

I just cannot get to bed

I just am not drowsy

Santa could just not come here

Because I am not in bed sleepily

I cannot get to bed

Because I just keep listening for santas sleighbells ringing

And they just will not come


Camille J’nai Vesey

The Gingerbread man seemed tasty

I didn’t want to be hasty.

I went up stairs in the house

Like a quiet little mouse.

The Gingerbread man head what I was saying

Because I was praying.

And the Gingerbread man got eaten by a horse and I said, “Man oh man, Gingerbread man, of course.”

Sarah Swearengen

Angles are white

Pretty in flight

Ready to pray any day.

Cecilia Rasmer

There was a reindeer named Jimmy

Who wanted to go down the chimney

He flew and he slid

But he would not fit

So he gave up quite grimly.

Rhianna Coen

Never fear snowman is here

Don’t cry little girl

Not even a tear

Christmas is fun

Jayden Bowling

I wish it was Christmas morning

And I saw santa’s sleigh

Off in the distance

He wold say

Ho ho ha! Got you

Draven A. Curry

There once was reindeer named Larry

Who wanted to fly Santa’s sled

He hopped and he turned red

He tapped every bed

And Santa picked Comit instead!

Nicholas J. Duncan

There once was a reindeer named Harry,

Santa’s sleigh, he wanted to carry,

He had a great fall,

Atop a Mountain so tall,

Therefore he was so very weary!

Jaeln Heald

When I spotted the sleigh

The snow was so yellow it looked like hay.

Well looks like no sledding today.

Gevez Lee-Webster

There once was a man named Rob

He wanted to get the santa job

But he was lazy and very boring

He went to sleep and started snoring

Then he started t sob when he didn’t get the job.

Alexandra Rose Grandinetti

I can hear santa’s deer,

I can say welcome here deer,

Are the deer really near?

Lauren Mitchell

My favorite Christmas color is gold

Gold as the shining ornaments on my bright green Christmas tree

Gold as the sparkling color on my nails

Gold as the wrapping paper on my gift

Gold as the wrapper on those little chocolates that sit at home

Kenny Parks

My favorite Christmas color is red

Red as Rudolphs shiny nose.

Red as Christmas frosting on a sugar cookie

Red as a striped peppermint candy cane

Karissa Anderson

I was tearing my presents

Then I listened

Babys were crying,

My parrot squacked,

Chimes were making a tiny sound,

Then I heard giggling

And the door screeched open!

Logan Tyler Decklar

There once was a elf named Clay

Who wanted to ride Santa’s sleigh

Santa said no so Clay ran away!

Jessica Maly

Santa’s deer are almost here.

I hope he gives me a souvineer.

He also has lots of toys for little girls and boys.

We go sledding in the snow.

I hear Santa chant “Ho ho ho!”

As we see him we murmer ”‘Woah!”

The light tonight is very bright,

We see Santa’s sleigh in the sky.

As he flies past, we say “Bye!”

Emily Marie Shirk

My favorite Christmas color is shiny blue…

Blue as the eyes of my BFF.

Blues as the dazzeling sky.

Blue as the cool snowflakes

On my glamourus PJ’s.

Tamera Brown

I was tearing presants like crazy then I stopped and listened. There were birds chirping, dogs barking, babies crying and suddenly I heard thunder and it was so loud.

Nickayla McGee

Gifts and packages are up in a pile

I love see grandmas great

Jett Siem

There once was a donkey named Andy

Who wanted to help and Elf named Randy.

Andy made toys that were ripped

Santa didn’t want Andy

He got a new elf named Randy

He was quite a dandy.

Melissa Robinson

There once was an elf named Millow.

Who wanted to be Santa’s fellow.

Millow went crazy and messed up santa’s shop.

Santa got made and gave him a mop.

Millow quit the shop and started playing the cello.