TIPTON, Iowa — In an effort to raise the salaries of Cedar County elected officials, the Cedar County Compensation Board has recommended a wide range of increases.

They include 4 percent for the county attorney, 5.2 percent for supervisors, 11.5 percent for the sheriff, and in the 8 percent range for the auditor, treasurer and recorder.

Salaries of $51,000 were recommended for Auditor Cari Gritton, Treasurer Gary Jedlicka and Recorder Melissa Helmold. Their current salaries are $47,318 for the auditor, $47,022 for the treasurer and $47,029 for the recorder.

The salary recommended by a 3-1 vote for Sheriff Warren Wethington was $67,000, up from $60,109. County Attorney Jeff Renanander was recommended for a 4 percent increase, which would bring his  salary from $73,267 to $76,198. Board of Supervisors members Jon Bell, Wayne Deerberg, Betty Ellerhoff, Brad Gaul and Jeff Kaufmann were recommended to receive $26,500, up from $25,181.

Linda Beck, compensation board member representing the auditor, said a survey she made of seven counties with similar populations showed salaries in Cedar County were at or near the bottom of the list.

Wayne Frauenholtz made a motion for a 4 percent increase for each official, but it died for lack of a second. As a representative of the county attorney, Frauenholtz said the attorney’s case load has increased by 30 percent with no additional staff.

Another motion that died for lack of a second was made by Beck for a 3.5 percent increase across the board, with an additional $2,000 for the auditor. Beck voted against the increase recommended for the sheriff, saying she thought the salary should be $65,000, or an 8.1 percent increase.

It was noted that actual take-home pay will not be increased as much because of new federal taxes.

Supervisors can accept the recommendations for the elected officials’ salaries or cut them all across the board.