East Moline police arrested the estranged boyfriend of a woman who was stabbed multiple times Sunday morning and hospitalized in serious condition, police said in a media release.

Aaron M. Rowland, 39 of East Moline has been charged with attempted murder and aggravated battery with a weapon after the incident about 8:40 a.m. at 139 41st Ave., East Moline, Lt. Darren Gault said in the release.

The victim, Kathleen Durbin, 47, of East Moline, was stabbed multiple times and was transported to a local hospital for treatment. She remains hospitalized in stable, but serious condition, Gault said.

Officers arrested Rowland in Moline at 11:23 a.m. Sunday. He was taken to the Rock Island County Jail.



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Don't jump the gun and blame the police without some proof. You gotta' have some reason to arrest someone. For all we know this was one of those couples who have fought and made up countless times. Ask any cop and he will tell you about the girlfriend who calls the police on her boyfriend and then jumps the officer when he arrests the guy. It happens all the time. It is why two cops respond to domestics and why they separate the parties and keep them out of sight of one another. It is hard to keep someone from committing a crime. Usually it amounts to arresting them afterwards.


Well I know the victim pretty well and That was not at all the case, I was with her all day saturday and she was terrified for her life, and I do know that this could have been prevented. This man has already been to prison for holding the last girlfriend at knife point and raping her, with that being said, I'm done talking


i agree dont blame the police,im glad shes going to make it. hopefully the judge will throw him away.


well Sherman how about harassment, stalking, destruction of property, threatening her with a knife, Or just arresting him and putting him under suicide watch and help him get the help he needs, since he kept showing up with a knife saying he was going to kill her, her dog, and himself, Is that enough?


The article makes no mention at all about any previous contact. Why do you think the police didn't do their job? You are an anonymous poster with no credibility at all. You may know the victim, you may not. You sure as heck haven't seen the police reports. It's always the vogue to blame the police, they never talk back. I feel bad for the victim, no one deserves to be stabbed. NO ONE. I am not as willing to jump all over the police and say they screwed up.


YES I agree ....but did they get him help ? I don't think so ? Does he have the help he needs now ? I don't think so I must say .....he is on Meds......................all the crazy prosecuting people want is send him up the river .....OMG who knows how long .. convicting him ............EVEN IF HE WAS OUT OF HIS MIND >>>It is a sorry bunch of Unjustified action by those who guard us !!
I must say though, ( is he going to get proper Representation ?..............................now that they know his Mental Health ???? I HOPE SO !!!!


Maybe if the police would of done their jobs yesterday when she called and said he was making threats then maybe my friend wouldn't be fighting for her life right now, I guess this is what the police meant by he has to actually do something in order for them to do anything, I thought showing up at someones house with a knife making threats is a pretty good reason to be arrested!!!


tera, so sorry for your friend and sorry the police did not take this as seriously as they should have when she called. They failed her!! I hope she will recover from this and he will get what he deserves.


Exactly what charge should the police have charged the boyfriend with the day before?


As far as I know ................there was never actions of anyone filing actions against him.!!! ( If thats the case, then why was he arrested??? ) By the receipiant .......or anybody else!!! Check the records .....I think I am right !!!!



Wonder who cuts this clowns hair? They sure do a terrible job.

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