A LeClaire distillery and a Davenport brewery are planning to join forces on a project that will result in an expansion of both businesses.

Mississippi River Distilling Co. co-owner Ryan Burchett said the distillery and Davenport’s Great River Brewery are partnering on an expansion to the distillery building that will allow the brewery to brew specialty beers on site in LeClaire and create a tasting room that will serve both companies’ products.

Burchett said the two companies have been collaborating on marketing projects and on products. The brewery has used old whiskey casks from the distillery to make beer, and the distillery plans to distill beer from the brewery into a beer whiskey.

Burchett said it made sense for them to work together on the expansion project.

He said the two-story, 7,200-square-foot expansion will include room for additional distilling operations. While the distillery does provide samples of its products, it does not have an on-site tasting room.

Brewery owner Paul Krutzfeldt said the project gives him an opportunity to open a second location, where he will brew specialty beers not produced at the Davenport brewery.

“It just gives us an opportunity to do something kind of fun and something a little different,” Krutzfeldt said.

Burchett said the acquisition of the land for the expansion is nearly complete. He said the two businesses hope to break ground this summer and complete the expansion sometime in the fall.

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Yeah, CASKET beer sounds so appetizing! said nobody, ever. It's amazing that the Times wants people to PAY to read their website when they don't even bother to edit their own writing.
I'm going to run right out and get me some of that formaldehyde beer! What a great way to promote local businesses, QCT. SMH.


It's "casks" not caskets! Big difference. Breweries use bourbon barrel casks to "age" beer after it's made, to give it a mild bourbon flavor. yum!

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