Don’t forget Buffalo Beach. That is what business owners along the Scott County town’s riverfront want. And that’s why they are hosting a tug of war on the beach in hopes of drawing people.

They say the beach’s popularity has dropped since Scott County banned alcohol from nearby Buffalo Shores beach. Though alcohol is still allowed on the city beach, that isn’t the point, said Lori Bahnks, manager of the Beach Pub.

“It is just letting everyone know of the resource we have here in Buffalo — the river,” she said. “You can walk the length of the town along the beach.”

The tug of war Saturday and Sunday is in conjunction with Buffalo Days, which runs Friday and Saturday, with a parade on Sunday.

Scott County banned alcohol at Buffalo Shores last August to curtail alcohol problems and lower the number of beach-goers. Marc Miller, deputy director of Scott County Conservation referred to a recent comment card from a visitor stating their family didn’t have to fight for space with boats on the beach and the campground was quiet at night.

“We’ve had a lot fewer incidents,” Miller said. “The rangers are really focusing on educating the public they can’t drink on the beach.

“It has become more family-oriented,” he said. “It has been nothing but a good thing from our view.”

The view isn’t as rosy from Les Miller’s point of view. He owns Biscuits Bar and Grill and Barely Afloat, an ice cream shop in Buffalo.

“I think pretty much everyone we talk to says there is no fun on Buffalo Beach,” Miller said. “It is a good place to have fun with your family and bring your beverages as long you don’t get out of control.”

Buffalo Mayor Doug Anderson points to a beach on an island on the other side of the channel directly across from Buffalo Beach.

“Our beach isn’t as busy as we used to be,” he said. “I could go to Les’ and there’s a handful of boats at our beach. Look across the river and it is packed.”

To draw attention and people the beach, a tug of war competition of seven-person teams will begin at 8 a.m. Saturday. On Sunday, volunteer fire departments around the area will pull in a tug starting at 10 a.m. to win the cash prize raised from the previous day’s entry fees.

Miller hopes the event takes hold. He wants to see more events on the beach.

“We have a front porch to the Mississippi River in Buffalo,” he said. “We need to utilize it and bring awareness to it. Buffalo has a lot of room to grow.”



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I've lived in Buffalo for over 20 years and spent many weekend afternoons on the beach. I even remember when the Buffalo Police would occasionally patrol the beach on their atv. It was kind of like a "redneck" Baywatch. Funny thing is, I don't remember ever seeing the police harassing anyone. However, I do remember watching them bust underage drinkers, people getting in fights ,"always alchohol related by the way", and most importantly, all of the low life scum who thing it's ok to get in their vehicle after drinking all day and some how think they have the right to put other peoples lives at risk. I also wonder how many people are alive today because the police were just doing their job "harassing" everyone. I you want to drink, thats fine. Just know your limits, don't act like a jerk, and don't drive drunk.


I agree!! Nicely said!


I find this funny being at the councel meeting tonight the Fire Chief even stated the fire department knows nothing about this. And yes, a "tugfest" as one sign reads will not help anything. Taking away alcohol doesn't help either. And the comment "dirty water"? LMAO It's the same water across the river, in Princeton and everywhere else on the Mississippi!


I know, and it's dirty too. Have you noticed the Mississippi is usually a darkish brown color, Water is supposed to be blue.


but has the crime gone down since alcohol was banned?


I don't know, but attendance sure has.


Sorry I don't think tug of war will help its to boring when you take away the alcohol... I do not drink and even I know that the only people wanting to go to a drink-free festival are boring folk... This is not a beach, sorry Iowa its still just the good ole mississippi... And a few floating body's, decaying at times but thats okay...


You are crazy, i'll take a alcohol free festival every day over the usual loud, belligerent, and stupid idiots that frequent these drunk fests, and the one poster is right, you don't need to booze it up to enjoy yourself, unless your a drunk


I bet if you take beer out of the Blues fest, Bix and the Fair, they would go under within a year.


I don't see how you ban alcohol at one spot and up a little further, in the same town, it's not banned.


This beach was packed 2 years ago every weekend.... ban alcohol and have a bad run-in with the new po-po in town (which I heard he's gone to Muscatine now...) you are turned away from that town completely... tug-of-war is not going to help.


This town sucks the city scared away a developer who was going to start a housing development across from the school then the they want to change the school boundries to get more kids


why does everything have to involve drinking?? why not just go with the family and have fun?? people need to relize you dont have to drink to have fun---ecspecially when you have your kids with.


Look up St, Arnold of Metz, It's in the DNA.


"It's a dirty beach, with dirty water, and no alcohol. Tug of war isn't going to help." YES!!!! But alcohol will make #1--the water look cleaner and double as a bathroom #2---The beach will look look Malibu California.


It's a dirty beach, with dirty water, and no alcohol. Tug of war isn't going to help.


The local county gestapo trying to bust me for anything while letting prostitution persist. Some states its even worse. I have no respect for the local law. What kind of beach doesnt allow beer.

Pulled Back In

Gotta agree with all the others. Overzelous cops hasseling those who aren't causing problems while ignoring the troublemakers killed this beach. The bug infestations don't make it all that enjoyable either.


Yep, packed beaches and loud, drunk boaters - that's what any town should want.


Better than quiet, empty beaches and no boaters. That's what they have now.


Between the Stasi on the water, the Gestapo on land, then factor in fuel, food and no booze. It's no wonder the beach is dead.

We have no rights anymore.


The one police officer is ruining the town. I will never go through there, little alone spend money there, till he's gone. The "city fathers" strangle the business owners!

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