Three people were injured Thursday when a Davenport CitiBus struck the front of duplex after colliding with a car, police said. 

The bus driver and two people in the car that collided with the bus at the intersection of Grand Avenue and East Locust Street were taken to the hospital with minor injuries, police said.

Two teenagers, a boy and a girl, were inside the first-floor apartment of the duplex at the time the bus crashed into the front common hallway and front bedroom, the landlord, Scott Broders of Davenport, said. They were not hurt.

"It's unbelievable," Broders said.

The bus was westbound on Locust when it turned south on Grand and collided with an eastbound Ford Fusion, police said. The bus then veered off the road, knocked down a street sign and hit the house at 1825 Grand about 3:53 p.m.

None of the nine passengers on the bus were injured, Davenport Fire District Chief Mike Carlsten said.

The 1800 block of Grand was blocked off for about two hours as police, fire and ambulance crews were on scene.

A tow truck eventually pulled the bus out of the house.

The front exterior wall around the front door and front bedroom window as well as the front porch were severely damaged.

The bus sustained minor damage.

Police did not say who caused the accident.

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Ms Cheryl Draeger

Over the past few years I have decided to live without a car and to use the city bus to save money. I returned to college for a second undergrad, and maintaining a car as a college student was impossible, so I decided to use the bus. The fee is fifty cents for students, persons over 55 and the disabled. In the past few years, I have seen a few near misses with small cars and the city bus. I do not know what it is, but it's always a small car that thinks it can out run and challange a bus! This is the first accident I have witnessed on a bus. What is amazing is the driver of the car was a young mother and a baby!!! She had to be traveling somewhere between 45 and 60. She was speeding! She did not even slow down when she saw the bus head out into the intersection, and struck it head long.
Also this is a very buisy and dangerous corner. There has been a number of accidents on this corner and it's usually the corner house that gets hit. they have had to rebuild their porch several times. The City Bus management needs to change it's route to avoid this corner, to make it safer for everyone.

Ms Cheryl Draeger

I was on that bus whenit crashed into the house. I was sitting right behind the driver. Everyone is asking me who was at fault. The little cream colored car came out of no where and it was traveling very fast!!! It had to be going way over the speed limmit! The car's driver did not even slow down when they saw our bus in the intersection! The car hit very hard, and it made a very big bang when it hit. I'm supprised they made it out of that accident alive.!! The bus then after bring hit around the frount wheel, could not be steered, and could not stop! So we crashed into the second house on this street. I was thrown to the floor. I have a bruised hand, pain in my shoulder and back. I live by Genesis East, so I want to the emergency room today and got checked out. They think It's just bruises and muscle strain. I would like to see busses in the future have seat belts, especially busses that transport children. How about it city, can we get seat belts on our busses?


I agree with Racine. I have been cut off, had my right of way taken by them, almost ran down while on my bike. The city bus drivers are getting increasingly aggressive in their driving. They don't wait for an opening in traffic, they pull out in front of you and create one. You can either choose to take on a bus or do a panic stop. It is just a matter of time until someone is killed by one of these buses.


And I can add talking on a cell phone while driving. Yes' I've seen bus drivers doing that.


I would not be surprised if the city bus was at fault. Lately I have seen them driving straddling lanes, cutting cars off, and making left turns from the right lane across 3 lanes of traffic. These bus drivers are starting to be a menace.

c traub

my family lived in this house for years this is amazing! i am glad there were just minor injuries, and nothing serious!

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