The driver of the Davenport CitiBus that crashed into a house last week was cited with traffic violations Tuesday.

Rose Marie Torres, 49, of Davenport was cited for failure to yield a left turn and no seat belt, Davenport Assistant Police Chief Don Schaeffer said.

Torres was injured along with the driver and 2-year-old passenger of the Ford Fusion she collided with at Locust Street and Grand Avenue immediately before crashing into the house at 1825 Grand the afternoon of Feb. 13.

The 2-year-old was secured in a forward-facing safety seat in the backseat. The car was going eastbound on East Locust Street when it collided with the bus as it turned left from the westbound lanes of Locust onto Grand Avenue, police said.

They were treated for minor injuries.

Two teenagers were inside the first-floor apartment of the duplex at the time the bus crashed into the front common hallway and front bedroom, the landlord, Scott Broders of Davenport, said. They were not hurt.

Doug Roelfs, CitiBus transit manager, could not be reached Tuesday for comment.

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I hope that this incident will open the eyes of other qc area bus drivers.


Happens a hundred times a day. The buses make their own right of way on a routine basis. Most of the time the car gets out of the way and the bus driver stays on schedule, which is the real reason for why they drive like maniacs.


Time for Ms. Torres to find a new job. Cab driver?


Everything is recorded on buses.


So since it was the driver of the car fault, the bus driver to is getting charged? The only thing the bus driver should be charged with is not wearing her seatbelt. How do we know the seat belt didn't unclasp during the accident?


um, did you not read the story? the bus made a left turn & failed to yield to oncoming traffic (bus was going west, car was going east, so that means opposite directions). unless you have a green arrow, left turns must yield (aka stop for) cars coming the other direction. pretty simple stuff.

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