Center Ice at Bass Street Landing collided with some preparation problems, delaying its opening until likely Monday, the director said Saturday.

The new outdoor ice skating rink, located at the foot of Moline’s 17th Street near Kone Centre, had planned to open Saturday morning.

But Larry Rosmilso, the operations director, stood outside telling would-be-skaters and the curious that the ice was not freezing as fast as they thought it would. “What normally would take a day and a half to freeze, they’re now saying will take three days,” he said.

According to Rosmilso, the chiller equipment — which freezes the fluid in the pipes running underneath the ice — was not working as fast as the installers expected. “It’s like an engine. Instead of having a V8, we have a V6.”

He said the contractor, Ice Rink Events, had located another chiller in Atlanta that they hope to bring up to get the rink open. The other chiller, he added, “will produce a lower freezing temperature for the coils.”

Although disappointed, Rosmilso was chatting with future skaters who showed up for what was supposed to be the grand opening. “We’ve had a lot of drive-bys” — visitors looking to see if it was open and then drive on, he said.

Among the visitors was Rosie Dreessen, of Davenport, who came to find out all the particulars for a couple of groups she is involved with, including the Quad-Cities Women Outdoor Group and, a spontaneous group that posts various outings. “Being outdoors, that’s our thing,” she said.

“I think this is amazing, what a complement to the Quad-Cities,” Dreessen said.

Rosmilso hopes that the rink now will open Monday at 10 a.m. Ice skaters can get updates by calling Center Ice at 309-517-1930. The rink’s website is