Two Scott County men are facing arson charges after they tried to burn a person’s home who owed them money for drugs, Davenport police said.

Ricardo Ramon Bernal, 18, of 1515 N. Marquette St., Davenport, and Drew Tyler Whitehorn, 19, of 82 Parkview Drive, Eldridge, each are charged with one count of first-degree arson.

First-degree arson is a Class B felony under Iowa law that carries a prison sentence of up to 25 years.

Bernal also is charged with one count of drug possession with the intent to deliver, conspiracy to commit a felony and possession of drugs without a drug tax stamp. He also is charged with failing to appear on a driving under suspension charge.

According to the arrest affidavit filed by Davenport Fire Department Lt. Jim Morris on Sept. 3, Bernal and Whitehorn went to 719 E. 14th St., Davenport, with the intent to set the home on fire.

Bernal and Whitehorn dumped gasoline on the porch and front door and ignited the fuel with a lighter. At the time, the house was occupied by an adult and four children, according to Morris’ affidavit.

There were no reports of injuries.

Morris said in his affidavit for Whitehorn’s arrest that the two men set the fire because one of the occupants of the home owed them money for drugs.

Whitehorn was arrested Wednesday. He was being held Wednesday night in the Scott County Jail on $25,000 bond.

Bernal was arrested Tuesday in the 1100 block of West 14th Street, shortly before Davenport police and Davenport Fire Department investigators served a search warrant at his Marquette Street home.

During the search of Bernal’s residence, police seized more than 10 pounds of marijuana, and two weapons, a 9mm rifle and a 12-gauge shotgun.

All of the drug charges filed against Bernal are Class D felonies under Iowa law with each carrying a prison sentence of up to five years.

Bernal was being held Wednesday night in the Scott County Jail on $100,000 bond.

First-degree arson is a Class B felony under Iowa law that carries a prison sentence of up to 25 years.

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i want to let everyone know right now that my brother was doing the best he could what it doesnt say in there is he was helping take care of his family who was having a really rough time that year he was trying to help me get everything ready for my daughter people dont se it that way thats why he was doing what he was doing he was feeding me when i had nothing he provided a roof over my head and a stable place to live i was pregnant and trying to get my schooling done hes my little brother and he steeped up to the plate when no one else would we never had a good home life and he was doing what he could. he only got pushed into that to take care of me my daughter and my other 3 brothers as for the fire yes that was a stupid mistake and now hes paying for it and he was not illegal he was born right here in the USA all you dumb people who are trying to say he wasn't are crazy i have his birth certificate to prove it he didnt know that there were kids in that house but that doesnt justify anything so why dont you all just f*** off and worry about your own life


Wow I can't believe you have the audacity to even try to Defend this idiot...
1. He is a lazy pot/meth head
2. He obviously has no respect for himself much less anyone else or their property , or their 'CHILDREN'
4.He had children living in the same house as him and yet he had "LOADED GUNS " And 10 pounds of pot there.
5.he is Illegal . you can run his name through the I.C.E Database .
6.The only reason you sticking up for him is because you are one of his little lackeys . A pothead with no job . And you probably live off you're parents . Or in you're car that you probably cant even drive legally .
Seriously ? learn to think before you open you're mouth . better yet . Get off the drugs , Get a job . and most of all GROW UP


actually you crazy old lady almost none of our friends live off their parents and before you go trying to tell people about my brothers life maybe you should know him he was working an actual job when this happened and yes we had guns because people kept trying to hurt us and he never did meth so i dont even know where your getting that from stop trying to tell people about someone you dont know worry about your own life before someone elses


Whitehorn is from Park View and he is into drugs? Wow! I have never seen Park View in the QC-Times crimes section.


12.13, this is your future, I would change your path now while you still can! Look where your "friends" have gone on their path, it isn't too late for you to turn around and choose a different path of your own!


i wouldnt hold your breath. Thats what happens when you THINK your a bada** and rules dont apply to you. Im sure his friends will think its cool instead of learning something from it. Its sad but its the truth. None of those "12.13" will ever do anything with their lives. Sorry but all they do is party and worry about their next fix, they are ALL adults and should know better. They all think they are grown and that they can do whatever they want.but GROWN MEN dont party with 14-16 year old girls and get them drunk.


Next time pay your drug dealer or better yet don't use drugs. Drug dealers take a dim view of not getting paid and they are not bound by any law on how they collect on the debt, that is apparent because these guy set the house on fire endangering four other people.


AFTER we check the one fellow's immigration status, we should consider some creative sentencing. What would really hurt these guys the most? I suggest banning them from EVER collecting any welfare benefits and force them to work every day and earn a living. Extract some of their paychecks for fines. How about that for a solution? You can bet these clowns don't get up and slog off to a job every day.


Amen, couldn't say it better


Well you obviously are stupid and can't read. Tell me how someone is an illegal immigrant when they were also charged with driving under suspension? How about you read before you judge one of my good friends. Regardless of what he's done he's still a good guy. All of you base opinions off of these bullsh*t stories qctimes post. How about you figure out what actually happened before you assume he's a bad person. You all act like you're perfect when you know for a fact you aren't. Learn the facts before you make an assumption of someone. And pulling the immigrant thing just shows you're a low life and like to treat people like the bottom of your shoes.


O.M.G Ryannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn ?????????????????????????????//


Who's this Ryan guy you're asking for. And if you are part of our group talking like this then you'll get yours.


Democrats would never allow that! Citizenship and welfare for all, Obama phones too.


Really ? Bet you or someone you know has some kind of Government help. .. I Am A Democrat ? and you don't even know me . Yet you come online and Demean and humiliate me . And say nasty things . Not all Democrats agree with Obama , But be Honest between him or Mitt Romney . Obama was the lesser of two evils .All im saying is Please don't be a jerk and putt all Dems in one Basket . We Are PROUD AMERICANS Just like The Republicans I hope .. just saying ....

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