Bix 7: First Presbyterian Church

Some members of the First Presbyterian Church choir sit each year in the same location along the race route in front of their church at Kirkwood Boulevard and Iowa Street.

Doug Schorpp, FOR THE TIMES

Paula Burnett of Bettendorf and Cathy Woods of Davenport stay close to their church in more ways than one.

They are among a group of choir members from First Presbyterian Church who set up their lawn chairs each year in the exact same spot along the race route on Kirkwood Boulevard in front of the church building.

They say it is an ideal location to view the entire event.

“It is the same spot every year,” Burnett said. “Our two families sit together along with other choir members. We just like the community, and we like seeing the people. It is always enjoyable seeing people you know. And I like to see all the congregation members.”

“The choir, we always sing during the Jazz Festival here at church,” Woods added. “And the race, I think I have only missed two races since we moved here in 1977.”

— Doug Schorpp