CLINTON — A Clinton man was taken to an Iowa City hospital after being attacked by two pit bulls Tuesday night.

The attack occurred shortly after 9 p.m. in the 200 block of 16th Place.

Police said officers and Clinton firefighters were dispatched after a report of a person walking on 16th Place being attacked by two large pit bull dogs.

The first officer on the scene shot at both dogs to stop the attack. The dogs fled the area. One dog was located a short time later. Officers were unable to locate the second dog, according to a news release from the police department.

Benjamin Nave, 31, of Clinton was transported to Mercy Medical Center in Clinton by Clinton firefighters and later transferred to the University Hospitals, Iowa City.

The owner of the dogs has been identified by police.

The incident remains under investigation.

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Carrey 31

This attack was the work of "good" pit/bully dogs:
attack without reason
attack without trying to avoid a confrontation/attack without warning
immediately do damage
not stop even if the victim submits, screams "uncle", is dying, dead
not stop even after suffering severe personal injury

Who needs these traits? Only those who fight dogs. And the sadistic dog fighters really appreciate the support of the pit bully people, those who erroneously call themselves pit bull advocates (mongers actually). Without them, breeding pits might be illegal. That could put dog fighters out of business, as pits are the choice of essentially all USA dog fighters.

Even with countless breeds and combinations, all USA dog fighters use only pits.

Carrie, while it is nice that your pit experiences have all been positive, that is because you are lucky, not because pits are safe. You not educated about pits. Your good fortune also doesn't change the fact that thousands of pit neighbors and passersby have become pit bull aware in the worst ways, with injuries and deaths (pets and people) caused by pits simply going pit bull.

If you say that breed has no bearing on behavior, then let pits become extinct via mandatory spay/neuter microchipping of all pits, pit mixes, all dog aggressive dogs. If behavior is all about training and management, you should not object to this plan. You can adopt any dog and manage/train her to be what ever you want her to be, right?


This is exactly why I have a permit to carry a loaded weapon at ALL times.


Why were these dogs running loose? Their owner should have to pay and yes the dogs should be put down. I agree it is not the bread but the person who raised these dogs. I don't understand why anyone would want to make a dog mean. The owner should have to go to jail because they are responsible for these animals

Teddy Gammell

Carrey, When was the last time you read about a golden retriever or black lab attacking and severely injuring a human. Probably never. Face it, it's the bread. They have a switch that flips and they are killers. They kill other dogs and sometimes people. If it makes you feel tough to own a loaded gun on a leash that's a sad thing. Too bad for all the injured and killed people. It's the bread. face it.


Very sad that evey time one of these dogs hurt someone there is no owner to punish. So lets punish the breed. Well I happen to have seven kids and two of these beautiful famliy dogs. Had one put to sleep a few months ago that grew with my kids. He had kidney failure. To all you not so smart people out there it is the human that raises the dog not the dog. Next year it'll be another breed getting picked on. Go after the owner. That's all


The same people who freak out over guns will defend the dogs. We are simply lucky that it wasn't a kid. Put those dogs down. Immediately.

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