'CLINTON — Clinton police are investigating the death of a dog who may have been abandoned and left to starve to death in a wire kennel behind a Clinton home.

Clinton Humane Society employees were made aware of the situation by the husband of a board member, said Sandi Bartels, the operations manager at the humane society's shelter in Clinton.

Bartels said three humane society employees went Thursday to the home in the 600 block of 7th Avenue South and found the dog dead inside a wire kennel that was among a pile of junk behind the home, which appeared to be abandoned.

The dog appeared to be a white boxer of unknown age, Bartels said.

"No animal deserves to die like that," Bartels said.

Bartels said the back yard of the home was not fenced in.

"I don't understand why somebody didn't hear something or see something," she said.

Capt. James Klaes of the Clinton Police Department said police have the names of the last owners and occupants of the home and are trying to track them down, but they appear to have moved out of the Clinton area.

Bartels said she is hopeful that they will be found.

"We're hoping that these people have to answer for what they've done to this dog," she said.

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If you are sincere in your outrage you will take some real action. Donate to the shelter, volunteer to help at the shelter, do something real and substantive. We already have animal cruelty laws, passing more won't make any difference.


I believe in Karma, what goes around, comes around. I can only hope that the MAGGOTS who did this to this poor animal get theirs. There are just a "whole bunch" of people out there who are less than civilized.

Family man

If the shelter won't take it and you can't find it a home at least drop it off in the country and give it a chance at surviving.


There is something wrong with the human race. These acts are indicative of violence and greed. The social and moral values of our society have deteriorated that our conduct has become abhorrent. Make no mistake about it, this is evil, wicket and vile. The constant horrific abuse inflicted on innocent animals has a pernicious effect on our society. We have chosen to accept these acts of atrocity. We are indifferent, callous and arrogant to animal suffering. We have lost sight of what is right/wrong, moral and ethical. The mentality of our society is self-absorbed, materialistic and sadistic. The consequences of animal abuse are frequently community service, counseling and perhaps a meager fine. They are represented by a public defender at the tax payers’ expense. They are released back into your community. Animal abuse has reached diabolical proportions. It has permeated every county in every state across the United States. Animal abuse, neglect and suffering are not a trivial matter. Hundreds of innocent animals are found burned, starved and frozen to death every single day in the "greatest" country in the world. Educate yourself, your community, your teachers, your preachers and parents. Advocate, network and get political! Check out how your legislators are voting by going to www.humanelegislativefund.org Type in your zip code and find out what which bills they support, cosponsor and are voting on. Animals have done us no harm and they have no power of resistance. There is something so very dreadful in tormenting those who have never harmed us, who cannot defend themselves, who are utterly in our power. ~ Cardinal John Henry Newman


How is passing more laws going to make any difference. Animal cruelty is already a crime. Just what do you think more laws will accomplish? We are not indifferent and callous. We are simply powerless to prevent people from doing bad things. Doubling down on statutes won't solve anything. If you are a thinking person you know in your heart we have a cultural problem. Everything is disposable, from unwanted babies to puppies and everything else.


How can anyone think of themselves as a decent person who does this? How do you look at your spouse, parents, and children in the eye when you know what you have done to a helpless animal? How do you wake up each day without being wrought with guilt? Abandoning a pet is despicable but, to abandon a pet trapped in a cage so he cannot seek out help, he cannot find food and water and shelter is morally reprehensible, repulsive and evil. Abandoning him would have broken his heart, he would have waited there for you . Obviously, you wanted him to suffer slowly. I don't know who you are but, I know what you are. This repulsive act of horrific cruelty is who you are and you will never be anything more than a vile and evil sociopath. It is unfathomable that no one recognized this animal's suffering and plight. This dog's death didn't occur in a day, it was slow over several weeks and no one intervened. Shame on you! How long did this poor thing cry until he was too weak to cry any longer? Imagining the mental anguish and the physical pain he endured makes me want to vomit.


Not good. It is possible the shelter turned down taking the dog. They are running at pretty much full capacity. The pathetic economy is taking its toll on our pets too. Nothing excuses letting the dog die like that.


Great point. News like this will help the shelter get funding. My question is how about the owners of the house? Did they not check their property once the renters moved out? They should also be held accountable.


This sort of animal cruelty seems to be happening more and more often,, it sickens me!! They could of taken it to a shelter if they didn't want it or at the very least just set it free, at least it would of had a chance then!


@ imbetterthanu -- I agree with you...This sh*t just sickens me. How the hel! can anyone do this to anything living..? I hope the person that did this rots in hel!.


Here we go again. I d like to strap a backpack with a pressure cooker around this gutless piece of s**# scum of the earth that did this. I swear this area needs to have a giant can of whoop a** opened on it.

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