The U.S. Coast Guard is investigating why a Channel Cat boat slammed into a pier while it was trying to dock in Bettendorf, sending two children to the hospital Saturday. 

Another 12 people suffered minor injuries. 

Coast Guard spokesman Jerad Landheer said the initial 911 call for the injured children went out at 4:41 p.m.

The Channel Cat 2 was attempting to dock at the Isle of Capri when it slammed into the pier, he said. 

Landheer said Coast Guard boats were nearby policing the Mississippi River and responded to the call as did the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, Bettendorf Fire Department, and MedicEMS. 

“One of the children suffered a laceration to the face, while the other child suffered a head injury and reportedly lost consciousness for a short time,” Landheer said.

The children were taken to Genesis Medical Center-East Rusholme Street, Davenport, for treatment. Their conditions were not available Saturday night.

“There were multiple people, up to 12, who suffered bruises, contusions and lacerations,” Landheer said. Those people refused treatment at the scene, he added, but the victims did indicate they would visit the emergency room or a doctor on their own.

Bettendorf Fire Department Lt. Jeff Green said those passengers' injuries were minor and included bumps and bruises to knees when they struck railings inside the craft. 

Landheer said the Channel Cat 2 was not damaged. 

“We’ve inspected it and the vessel is structurally sound,” he said. However, it was parked while those riding the vessel either continued on the river tour on Channel Cat 1 or went on their way, he added.

Landheer said the Coast Guard investigation will include drug and alcohol testing of the pilot.

The Channel Cat boats are owned by MetroLINK, and are operated by the Celebration Belle, said Jennifer Garrity, manager of administration at MetroLINK.

A spokesperson for the Celebration Belle was not available for comment Saturday night.  

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First thought is that I am shocked that there were 14 people that were on board. I thought that was their total rider count for the entire year.

Second thought is how fast was this boat going that it injured that many people and how do small children get smacked around so hard that they lose conciseness? Where their parents with them and were they secured into a seat?

I smell a lawsuit coming the direction of Metrolink. Just like the people sued WalMart when the driver who didn't sleep enough plowed into several cars a few months ago, these people will go after the "deep pockets" of Metrolink instead of the pilot.


I would bet there will be a lawsuit. It's a chance to make a "score", that is the American way these days.


At least they dont drive as crazy as city bus driver and school bus drivers. Always speeding.


Did Capt Hazelwood get a job here?

Can't wait for little john to blame this on local govt, extra current caused by global warming or some other hair brained idea. Ya know we never had this happen before climate change! Or maybe the GOP caused this. Deregulation of the water taxis under Reagan 35 years ago.


Don't be silly. This obviously Obama's fault. Start the investigations!!




Must be the same driver that I saw operating a bus last week.......... "get out of my way, I will run you over with my bus".

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