COLUMBUS JCT., Iowa — A $15,602 first pay estimate to WRH Inc. of South Amana for work on Columbus Junction’s relocated water plant was approved Wednesday by the City Council.

Project engineer Matt Walker said most of that work centered on installing a main water line to the plant, but had occurred last year and little had been done recently.

City officials learned the project has been going on since Walker’s son was born. Walker told the council his son would soon be turning 4.

“Hopefully before he gets his driver’s license, we’ll get some of this done,” Mayor Dan Wilson quipped after learning about the birthday.

Walker said the contractor hopes to break dirt this spring and begin building.

Meanwhile, work on the city’s levee improvement project is on hold because of flooding on the Iowa River.    

In other action, a proposed rental property inspection program for Columbus Junction passed its first test Wednesday, when the council approved the first reading of an ordinance that would establish the program. The ordinance must still pass two additional readings before it can be finalized.

Wilson also reported he had recently met with school officials to review operation of the swimming pool. The school is investigating the possible installation of a new heater, which he said should boost attendance. That work may not be done until next year. Other work on the bathhouse may also be completed at that time.