An Estes Construction project executive provided a timeline for construction of a new school at the current Grant Wood Elementary site to the Bettendorf School Board at its Monday night meeting.

“With your input and buy-in, we’ll see activity later this summer,” said Pete Perez, Estes project engineer, who spoke to the board about the proposed timeline for the new facility.

Among others who were on hand in connection with the project was Jeff Sandberg, Quad-City regional manager of Legat Architects. He called the plan a “pretty aggressive timeline,” and said the biggest challenge to proceeding on schedule is weather.

The project will go out for bid in the market in early September, he said. The move-in date is set for August 2018.

Currently the project is in the design phase, with layouts being tested and schematics being examined, Perez said.

Design development will continue until early June. “We’ll be looking for your approval at several steps along the way,” Perez told the board.

Board President Gordon Staley said the digital timeline Perez provided will be added to the Grant Wood section on the school district website:

At the end of a special work session Feb. 1, the board voted 4-3 to spend $16.7 million to build a new school at 1423 Hillside Drive, the location of the current Grant Wood Elementary School. Perez also represented Estes at that meeting, which Legat Architects representatives also attended.

Paul Castro, Betsy Justis, Gordon Staley and Pepper Trahan voted to allocate $16.7 million for the new school. Voting against the project were Mike Pyevich, Stacey Struck and Scott Tinsman. At the time, Pyevich questioned the need for a new school, suggesting that if a new school is built it should be north of 53rd Avenue in Bettendorf.



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