A woman accused of stealing more than $124,000 from a local staffing agency where she once worked has pleaded guilty to felony theft charges.

Heather Quist, 39, of Carbon Cliff, pleaded guilty Wednesday to two counts of first-degree theft, said Assistant Scott County Attorney Rob Cusack. She faces up to 10 years in prison on each of those charges. 

Quist also had been charged with two counts of forgery and one count of identity theft, but those lesser charges were dropped in a plea agreement, Cusack said.

Forgery and identity theft each are Class D felonies that carry a prison sentence of up to five years, Cusack added.

Sentencing is scheduled for Dec. 26.

While working for Chenhall' s Staffing, 2119 E. 12th St., Davenport, Quist issued checks to herself from the company’s checking account without authorization, according to the arrest affidavit filed in March by Davenport police.

Quist would then deposit the checks into one of three accounts she had established with two different banking institutions, the affidavit states.

When issuing checks to herself, she forged the name of the company’s owner, the affidavit states.

She embezzled $124,812.92 from the company account from October 2010 to December 2012, the affidavit states.

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OK let me see if I get this. Steal $124 K and you face 10 years state time. Sell crack and you get 20 years to life fed time? Rape a kid get a slap on the hand and we monitor you. Something wrong with these pictures? The good news is that she is white. Really, because had she been African American they would have delivered the electric chair right to her front door. If you are a business owner and it takes you 2 years to realize you are missing over $100 K, then it is clear you didn't sit in front in math class or you are related to Ray Charles!


I think its funny the times only let certain opinions on here and deleat mine..guess they want only opinions if you assume she is guilty..there is more to this story than what you read.....thank you for violating my freedom of free speech qc times!


She looks pretty smug in her mugshot - especially for someone who got caught with her hand in the cookie jar.


Reading some of these comments is amazing. There are NO winners in a case like this. The owner, his business, his employees, family, and friends have been victimized. The guilty party's family and friends have been victimized. Money, time, and manpower have been wasted needlessly. Sleepless nights and stressful days for so many involved. A person shouldn't be getting ripped on for being TOO trusting. Or being a victim. But I guess that's the world we live in nowadays....unfortunately.

local business person

Love all, trust a few.
- William Shakespeare


It's amazing, sad, and pathetic that this story/these crimes leads anyone to pile on a local business owner who was the VICTIM, not the perpetrator. What does it say about our society when people have nothing better to do than 'attack' a victim for being robbed. This owner took the risk with his own money to run a business, brings dollars to the local economy, puts people to work, and (God forbid) TRUSTED AN EMPLOYEE. What a fool he must be! What kind of moron trusts his workers to be honest and law abiding?! It's easy to lob comments from the cheap seats...so keep on lobbing...keep your negative comments about the victim of multiple crimes coming....and continue beaming with pride over your actions/comments criticizing the victim and his business. Enjoy your weekend!

local business person

The observations in no way excuse the employee. That said, to use your words, It IS foolish and moronic to trust an employee with total financial freedom an not audit the books. FOR TWO YEARS! There is no excuse for that, and your accountant should also be fired- if that hasn't taken place. Apparent;y YOU have the time to respond to the comments you disdain so much-- doing that on the company clock? And Thank You, I will enjoy the weekend!


May all of us be thankful that the majority of the work force has strong ethics and takes pride in a job well done. Every business owner has experienced at least one employee who demonstrates the attitude "the world owes me a living". Thankfully, for each of those we encounter so many with great work ethics. The integrity of this business owner is not at question. Here's to dual control, a strong court system, great law enforcement and those who have the courage and the entrepreneurial skills to operate a business.

local business person

And what planet did you just come from?

local business person

Some "entrepreneurial skills" ! Buy a company that was the premier temp staffer in the area, (not any more), under-supervise cash management and get taken TWICE, etc., etc. It's that type of business management that has given us the wonderful economy we have today. You probably think Wall Street has done a great job too!


Like you said - More dollars than sense!

local business person

That may well be. Assuming the field staff is audited and supervised like this, I won't be calling for service any time soon! Think they have enough $$ left to pay W/C?


The kind of owner who owns Chenhall's. This isn't the first time for him or her. The owner will have it happen yet a third time because he has not learned to do his homework! I guess you really can't teach an old dog new tricks.

local business person

What kind of knuckle-headed business owner doesn't notice missing $124K over a two year period? Someone with more Dollars than Sense!


In answer to your question, our federal government, only it is alot more money!

local business person

Amen Brother!!


The city of Dixon comes to mind too.

Patty McGoldrick

My company had an employee embezzle funds back in 1990. She was able to get $25 K between payroll and AP because she was the one that wrote the checks and opened the bank statements. This happened over a period of 6 months exactly the amount of time I was behind balancing the statements. She would simply rip up the checks she wrote to herself and was very creative with payroll monies. We went to court and came to find out she had done this to 2 other employers. She ended up fleeing the area and I only received about 3k in restitution. The resolution to this problem... Never ever have the person writing checks open the bank statements. I also have them mailed to my home and check every single one that is issued and if I have questions I get answers. Also my accounting department can only write checks for $1000 and under. I have to personally authorize or sign them myself. It was horrible to go through this problem. But one other important item about this was my accountant told me to call my insurance company right away to see if I had Employee Dishonesty insurance. I ended up getting 10K from that which was great. I understand now that it is not automatic for that insurance to be included in liability insurance these days. That was 15 years ago of course. We now have to pay terrorist insurance which we will never get to collect on but it is included automatically in our premiums.

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