Three people face multiple charges after a Davenport hotel was robbed and a convenience store burglarized early Thursday, Davenport police said.

Arrested were Michael Keith Smith, 48, and Ronald Lester Hanchett Jr., 21, both of 411 S. Clark St., Davenport, and Stacey Jean O’Hara, 33, of 507 Winter St., Lost Nation.

They are charged with one count each of first-degree robbery, third-degree burglary and conspiracy to commit a forcible felony.

O’Hara also is charged with one count of assault on a peace officer after she kicked at an officer in an interview room of the Davenport Police Department.

According to the arrest affidavits filed by Davenport Police Detective Richard Voy and Cpl. John Hutcheson, officers responded to an armed robbery at the Quad-City Inn, 6111 Brady St., at 2:32 a.m. About 20 minutes later at 2:52 a.m., officers were dispatched to a burglary at the Rina Mart gasoline station and convenience store at 3815 W. Kimberly Road.

Smith, along with Hanchett and O’Hara, designed a plan to rob the Quad-City Inn, according to the charges. Smith drove the three to the hotel to commit the robbery.

Hanchett and O’Hara entered the hotel. O’Hara allegedly was carrying a knife, while the clerk believed Hanchett was carrying a handgun, according to the affidavit.

When Hanchett and O’Hara demanded money, the clerk declined to give them any. Hanchett and O’Hara then fled the building, police said.

Smith drove them to the gas station on West Kimberly Road. The three broke the glass door and Hanchett and O’Hara went in and stole a large amount of lottery tickets and several cartons of cigarettes, police said.

The items were discovered at Smith’s and Hanchett’s house on Clark Street, the affidavit said.

First-degree robbery is a Class B felony under Iowa law that carries a mandatory prison sentence of 25 years upon conviction, 70 percent of which, or 17 ½ years, must be served before parole can be granted.

Conspiracy to commit a forcible felony is a Class C felony that carries a prison sentence of up to 10 years upon conviction, while third-degree burglary is a Class D felony that carries a prison sentence of up to five years.

Hanchett, O’Hara and Smith were being held Thursday night in the Scott County Jail on $25,000 bond each. O’Hara also has an $850 cash-only bond for the assault charge.

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to macismommy Listen girl you do not know who you are speaking to here, I am not Stacey's Mother. I am a family member who does know what she is talking about and have warned Stacey over and over, about the kind of creeps that she was hanging out with. I would be ashamed to admit that I was the daughter and the girlfriend of the other two characters as well. They are all meth heads and I am afraid will stay in jail a really long time over this project. So please remember who you are and watch what you say Karma is a not nice and will come back to bite you in the behind. No one is saying Stacey is innocent, she is guilty with the other two idiots. Just leave it all be as this only hurts their family more. Her son is a problem child and it will be addressed so you need not worry about him.


Also to the mother and daughter of the other two losers, Stacey's son does have someone, he has his grandparents who he does not appreciate. He is acting like Stacey, and will soon have to be put somewhere because he is out of control. He was hanging out with the three of them and that is what his problem is now, he is lucky I am not his grandparent. I would straighten him out in no time, they are unable to control him so something has to give. You just better mind your child and keep her safe from them. What is bred into you cannot be beaten out of you, unfortuantely, you child and her children are at great risk. God help them all.


I love when people talk about a situation that they have no clue of, like i said before if you couldnt read it... i know exactly what happen because IT WAS MY HOUSE, MY FATHER, MY BOYFRIEND, AND MY PHONE. if you want to argue with me that stacey should not sit in jail let me fill you in on something SHE WILL NEVER STOP IF SHE DOESNT LEARN FROM HER MISTAKES, anyone with an 8 page rap sheet of BURGLARY AND THEFT is just disgusting in my books. And it is very apparent that she has yet to learn because her family backs her up to get out of it. My father nor My boyfriend are HALF as bad as she THOUGHT she was. please forgive me when i honestly say that I DONT LIKE HER, and i have never not liked anyone in my life as much as i do her. I understand completely what she has been through because we have had several long talks about it. But i look at it this way i have been through and


So Macismommy, you are telling the world that your babys father, Ronald and Mike your father were forced by Stacey to do drugs, abandon you and your child, how stupid is that? They all look like a bunch of druggies and losers, not just Stacey, but all of them. She is bi-polar and nutty as they come, I have known her all of her life so I know what I am talking about, she does the most stupid things of anyone I know and does need help. Sometimes you are who you hang out with. She was with trash, they all look rough and stoned. Maybe you should be glad that he will be out of your lives forever, I don't know you, but I am sure you can do better and as far as your dad, wow another real winner. Stacey has problems yes, but she was with 2 losers when they all pulled this one off. Get a new life for you and your child. Good luck Lingettes


Your daughter is the scum in this whole situation my father may have went along with this but Stacey is who started this whole grand idea. Ur daughter is far from a good person and u fail to see that I'm not saying Ron or Mike were n the right but ur daughter Stacey has the real issues here. Does Mike have other thfleft charges noooooo. But stacey has several so i suggest u learn that ur daughter isnt all rainbows and gum drops she evil and awful person.So u tell me why r uh still defending her after all shes done to u n ur family and as for her son he belongs with maybe u can help him clean up his act before he down This road to.


And Stacey was with the wrong person? Lets try my dad got involved with the wrong person.... and so did Ronald. Being bipolar does not give you the right to do what she has done for my family... my dad has been with much prettier and well off people then this girl. She has devasted other people and a whole family. Stacey knows what she does and she knows it is wring. She also finds it cool to brag about the things that she has done. The drugs shes done. And when she brags she says she knows the next time she does it shell get out of it. Her kids are grown enough... ronald and i's daughter is 9months old... if sentenced shell never know him outside the 4 walls... maybe I'm coldhearted but I hope she rots.


@cyndie.... various drugs provided thru stacey


I am the daughter of Mike and the girlfriend of Ronald.... my father nor my boyfriend have never sought to rob or burgarize a place... Stacey has an 8 page rap sheet anyone to defend Stacey on yet another charge is down right stupid I know for a fact she sought the plan and then got my dad and Ronald involved because the plan is on my phone and ive read it... over and over. I could care less whet anyone has to say to me about this but Stacey deserves to sit in prision and finally think about what she has done. She ruined my family and I feel she is a complete homewrecker... it sickens me too know all these people defending her the only person I feel absoulutely horrible for is her son... who has no one now that she is gone. I lived with all 3 of them and Mike and Ron aren't. Half as nuts as this girl.... I say girl because I am 22 years old and 100 times more mature the her.... I have had problems in my life but never reacted off the deep end like she has headed.


Thank you to the people who are understanding and kind to the family of Stacey Jean, she is a mess and we appreciate your thoughtfullness. Lingettes


I have been reading all of these posts and people seem to know the story and some have passed a lot of judgement on Stacey. Stacey does do bad things and keeps getting into trouble all of the time. This last time she was not at home as she should have been, taking care of her kids. Stacey is bi-polar, manic depressant and several other mental labels that I cannot remember. Bi-polar people do very strange things which most of us normal people do not understand. I am saying that prison is not the place for Stacey, but she does need to be in a mental facility. And if you were her Mom, what would you do? Do not pass so much judgement unless you have been in their shoes. It does hurt their family and the kids are devastated, how would a child feel if their mom was in jail? Stacey was certainly with the wrong people, but when you are homeless and a drug user you don't seem too particular. So lets all pray for their well being and at least we know where she is and that she is ok, as ok as one can be in jail.

Arc Angel

Drugs are bad and u can't fix stupid!


I have known this girl all of her life and she was a very nice kid until she got messed up in drugs. Drugs are evil and have a very bad affect on those who indulge. She is not a bad person, but a very mentally disturbed young woman. She has serious mental problems and unfortunately she has not accepted the help that she needs to survive in a normal world. Her family is hurting very badly from this, so the the person who said the horrible things, they were very horrible and hurtful to her family. I think it was really stupid, but these people need prayers and help and hopefully she will get it now as she will not have a choice. God Bless them and thank God no one was hurt in this encounter.


I also grew up knowing Stacey, from elementary to high school and worked with her in our home town briefly. She was pretty, funny, and smart when we were younger. She wasn't mean or bad. The worst thing I can think of that she did was tell stories or white lies, but what kid doesn't. I can't say about now because I don't know her anymore. I had moved away after high school then came back and worked with her. I could tell then that drugs were involved in her life because in two or three years of not seeing her I almost didn't recognize her.
I'm sure that drugs have played a major part in any mental illness she may have. The drugs i heard she was using destroys more than your teeth. It destroys your life from your brain to your healthy relationships.
She may get the help she needs and she may not. It's sad but you can't force someone to get help. They will only get help if they feel they need it and many mental illnesses have a nice way of making people feel that they are fine no matter what loved ones tell them. Just like you can't make an addict get help until they have hit rock bottom and realize they need help.
Unfortunately, from what I have seen from her Facebook as well as heard from mutual friends, she has hit rock bottom and that wasn't enough. I hate to say it (because it comes off as harsh and I wouldn't want to see someone I cared about in her situation) but maybe the thought or threat of actually doing time and not probation will trigger something in her and she will seek the help she so desperately needs.
I do feel for her family because not only is their daughter facing the possibility of prison but their name is tainted. That is something that can never be taken away and that is shame they will have to live with.
Honestly, I don't think anyone said anything horrible. Was it harsh? Yes. Was it insensitive? Perhaps, but that person is just sharing their opinion based in their interactions with her and by her past mishaps with the law. Which they probably looked up online.
Her story right now is a sad one which seems full of heart ache, disappointment, and loss. I can understand why someone who feels as if they are nothing and feels like they have nothing would turn to drugs and unsavory people. It is sad that she fell onto the wrong path and her choices have left her and her family with heart ache, disappointment, and loss. Even if by some grace of god she is able to avoid prison, get help, and change her past will follow her around forever. That is the worst part because even if someone changes the past doesn't. Employers are reluctant in hiring someone with a criminal history and sometimes that just puts the person back in that downward spiral.


Thank you for remembering how she was before the drugs took over her life. She is a total mess right now and her family is hurting very badly right now and that is too bad. Lets hope she finds the right path to getting well. She is very seriously mentally ill and sometimes those folks do not take their meds as they should. I doubt that she even knows what she did. Lets hope and pray for her to get well and be able to lead a good life again. God Bless you for being a friend.


I too have known her since she was a kid.. I grew up in the same town as she did.. Her dad has always wanted her to "learn her lesson" it was always her mom that bailed her out of any trouble she got into, even when it involved her and her boyfriend stealing over 3000 from them, and nearly making them lose everything. Stacey has had many mental issues since she first got out of high school. This story actually came as no surprise to me because we all know most of the stuff she has done, including stealing from every single employer she has ever worked for, and all she has ever gotten was a slap on the wrist and told "don't do it again." and time and time again she did the same thing with the same results NOTHING... she has two children who hated her until just recently, because she was never there for them since they day they were born, she chose drugs and living her own life over her kids, which thankfully her parents gladly took in and have raised them very well. One thing i hope she gets out of this is at least 25 years in prison, i think that might help her out and maybe help her get her head straight, and i hope to god that her mom cannot bail her out this time, because honestly she needs it. She is NEVER going to learn if she just keeps getting away with everything!! I honestly do not think her family is going to get a bad name for this, because where she grew up we all know that they have tried to help her, and that her family are great, wonderful people. Maybe people that don't know her family will judge them but in all honesty i think they realize that people that don't know them don't matter.


Honestly I have known Stacey since she was a kid. I grew up in the same town as her and often times was around her family. Stacey has gotten herself into so much trouble in the past that I hope she can learn something from this. Give her at least 25 years in prison, I believe then she will learn, and maybe can get her head on straight. I know she suffers from mental illness, but that is no excuse for her to be doing this. This girl always lied, even little white lies, all the way up til the day that she got thrown in jail. You could never believe a word she said because it was always different depending the person she was talking to. This lady has been in so much trouble in the past and her dad has always wanted her to learn her lesson, but her mom always bailed her out of everything, including almost making her parents go bankrupt when her and her boyfriend stole a lot of money from them, Also when she stole from every single on of her past employers. It saddens me that people actually have sympathy for Stacey. I have Sympathy for her family, because they have to live when what name she has put on her family by being ignorant. I know it has been impossible for her to find a job because of her past, well that is good, because no company needs her as an employee because all she does is lie and steal. Stacey needs all of the help she can get. I mean it is sad when your kids do not claim you as their mom because they hate you, and they did that until recently when they thought she had changed. Her son is now going through some of the same things as Stacey and I PRAY TO GOD every day that he does not turn out like his mother!! On that note, i really do feel for her parents and kids and other family members, but as for her.. I hope she gets what she deserves!!!!

Roy Munson

I wonder if we will see the black poster who was angry at the Times for putting the black guy who put the crack in his crack crying racial bias in here about these clowns? Some people will never learn stupid comes in all colors.


I know the female. I can't even bring myself to call her a woman. She is a loser, her picture should be in the dictionary next to the description of the word useless. I know those words are harsh but look at her past. This isn't the first time she has gotten in trouble and unless she is put in prison won't be the last. I hope the judge gives her the maximum because it is obvious with her past arrests she has not learned what is right and what is wrong.
She was living off the government on ssi or something, was forced to then get a job, had the job for a few weeks, and then did this. She can not be a productive member of society she belongs in prison.


I also have known her all of her life and she was a very nice kid growing up and then as a teen she became involved with drugs. Drugs are evil and cause people to do dumb and stupid things. RIght now her family is hurting very badly so your remarks are most hurtful to her family. I hope that now she can get the help that so many of us have tried to get her over the years. Please be careful about your judgement of others, one never knows with it will come back and bit you in the butt. Hopefully you do not have children or siblings who could get into a bad situation. Stacy is a very mentally ill young woman and I am praying for her and hope that she gets the right help now. Thank God that no one was hurt in this terrible ordeal. A concerned person Lingettes-


When a person takes the wrong path in life and gets hooked on drugs or fails in some other way, it is often the family of the person who is hurt the worst. I am sorry for them! No matter what punishment she receives they suffer it too. They can't stop loving her no matter what she does, they can't stop the worry, the pain, the feeling of loss. For the sake of her family. I hope she gets the help that she obviously needs and somehow turns her life around.


Junkies, they all look older than their age. Maybe prison will save their lives.


But I bet their bathrooms are sparkling clean. Oooo meth!


"When Hanchett and O’Hara demanded money, the clerk declined to give them any. Hanchett and O’Hara then fled the building, police said."

LOL. "Give me the money !!!"...."No." "Well okay then." I suggest you three find a different profession. Robbery doesn't seem to be your strong suit.


Not a very productive night for these three. Their request at the motel was turned down, they end up with is a bunch of loser lottery tickets, some cancer sticks and jail time....very impressive. So who is the brains of this trio?


Cigarettes and lottery tickets. That's how much they value their own lives. Scary to think of, because you can be sure they have no value for anyone else's. Thank God the hotel clerk was not injured or anyone else in their path.


You mean these criminals received $25,000 bonds on Felony charges. The judge might as well sent them home to complete their crime spree. This is a slap in the face to those sitting in jail on $50,000 - $100,000 bonds for driving while barred and contempt of child support. Oh just call the bail bondsman and set them free. Our local judges are some real doosies. A person can get out of jail for $850 dollars on an assault charge? You have got to be kidding me!!


Name one person who has ever been in custody in lieu of $50.000 - $100,000 bail on a driving while barred or child support contempt (unless that is how much in arrears s/he is).

$25,000 bond is the scheduled bond for a Class B felony, the schedule is set by the Iowa Supreme Court.


How did they manage to stay awake during their adventure??


Glad they are off the street, makes me wonder whats going on in the brains of people that act like this? May we never meet.

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