Police have arrested two suspects and are looking for a third in the slaying of 41-year-old Robby Ray Kohn of Davenport.

Jessica Loerzel, 20, of Davenport and Barry Hamilton, 20, of Chicago were arrested in Chicago and are awaiting extradition back to Scott County. They are charged with first-degree murder and willful injury causing serious injury.

A warrant has been issued for Darius D. Johnson, 21, of Chicago on charges of first-degree murder and willful injury causing serious injury. Police believe Johnson is in the Chicago area.

First-degree murder is punishable by life in prison.

Kohn’s body was found early Saturday in a farm field off Utah Avenue in southwest Davenport. He died from a single gunshot wound to the head, Davenport Assistant Police Chief Don Schaeffer said.

A five-day investigation led police to the Chicago area and the arrest of Loerzel and Hamilton. Schaeffer said a suspicious vehicle factored into the investigation, and police traced the vehicle to two of the suspects.

Scott County District Court records state that Hamilton bonded Kohn out of the Scott County Jail on Dec. 4, two days before police say he was killed.

Although the three suspects are acquainted with one another, they did not have a prior association with Kohn, Schaeffer said.

Police determined that Kohn’s body was in the farm field since early Thursday night, Schaeffer said earlier at a news conference, adding he was killed at the scene.

Although police identify the victim as being from Davenport, Kohn didn’t have a permanent address in town, Schaeffer said.

Schaeffer said some of the information that led detectives to the suspects came from “street people” and local homeless shelters.

“We went to every place a person like this would go,” he said. “Street people were a big help.”

Schaeffer considers the investigation, which is ongoing, a “tough case” and commended Davenport detectives with quickly identifying the suspects and arresting two of them.


Brian Wellner at 2:15 p.m.

Police have arrested two suspects and are looking for a third in the slaying of Robby Ray Kohn.

Jessica Loerzel, 20, and Barry Hamilton, 20, both of Davenport, were arrested in Chicago and are awaiting extradition back to Scott County. They are charged with first-degree murder and willful injury.

A warrant has been issued for Darius D. Johnson, 21, of Chicago for first-degree murder and willful injury. Police believe Johnson is in the Chicago area.

Kohn’s body was found early Saturday in a farm field off Utah Avenue in southwest Davenport. He was killed at the scene, police said. He died from a single gunshot wound to the head, Davenport Assistant Police Chief Don Schaeffer said.

A five-day investigation led police to the Chicago area and the arrest of Loerzel and Hamilton, Schaeffer said.

The three suspects are acquainted with one another, but they did not know Kohn, 41, prior to the killing, Schaeffer said.

Police determined that Kohn’s body was in the farm field since early Thursday night, Schaeffer said.


Davenport police launch homicide investigation

Brian Wellner at 10:42 p.m.

The man whose body was found Saturday in a rural Davenport farm field was killed at the scene, and Davenport police said Tuesday they have launched a homicide investigation.

The driver of a pickup was eluding police when he accidentally ran over the body of Robby Ray Kohn, 41, of Davenport in a farm field off Utah Avenue, south of Telegraph Road, Davenport Assistant Police Chief Don Schaeffer said.

But Kohn was dead at the scene at least 24 hours before the driver ran over the body.

The driver, Chase M. Bromwell, 25, of Davenport, has been charged with operating while intoxicated, first offense. Schaeffer said.

“He brought us to the attention of a homicide,” Schaeffer said.

Police are pursuing suspects in Kohn’s death. He sustained visible trauma, but the department has not released a cause of death. Schaeffer did not release results of an autopsy performed Monday.

Kohn was released from the Scott County Jail on Dec. 4 after posting $200 bond. He was arrested Oct. 31 for public intoxication, third or subsequent offense.

Although police identify him as being from Davenport, Schaeffer said, Kohn didn’t have a permanent address in town. Court records indicate he was homeless.

Schaeffer said he was living an “alternative lifestyle,” including staying in homeless shelters. Drugs and alcohol were part of his lifestyle, Schaeffer added.

Kohn has family not far from the Quad-Cities.

His uncle Lloyd D. Barten, who lives in Miles, Iowa, said Kohn hung out with the “wrong kind of people.”

“He doesn’t come around very often anymore,” Barten said. “I’ve known him since he was a baby. I’ve been thinking about him lately. He’s been living this reckless lifestyle, and it was becoming even more dangerous.”


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They should shoot them all in the head

Comment deleted.

Re-read the article -- they did NOT know him.


Brian Wellner needs a course on compassion ... as a relative I was initially stunned to find my nephews photo displayed with his assassins photos, basically putting him in the same category as these heartless murderers.

Be assured Mr Wellner - my nephew was far from heartless, in fact he carried more on his shoulders than most of us will ever be subjected to in our life time. May God touch your heart and help you to see beyond the superficial judgmental place you find yourself.

As I read your report it was obvious that you feel the homeless are worthless, and basically deserve what they get. Never forget that many of our nations homeless are military vets who deserve our respect and gratitude. God puts angels in our mist; they are the down trodden and He says " Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’" Robby Rae Kohn was one of those angels and all those who knew him, know that to be true. His heart was giving and he took on others pain. He walked the path God put before him and he walked it as a MAN.

sad about it

I knew Jessie Loerzel when she was a little girl, and it makes me so sad to see a mug shot and a possible life term for a little girl that was so happy and outgoing as a child. What a shame.
As for the family of the victim, I'm so sorry for your loss, and my heart goes out to you. No one deserves to have their life cut short in such a way.


Don't we all have near or distant relatives with some issues? I surely do, and they don't reflect on me. I also have succssful businessmen, police officers, all kinds of extremely successful and decent people in my family. Several who have done felony jail time, and a cousin who was of local fame as the "polite bandit" back in the late 70's. He died in prison serving a life term for trying to kill a cop who was attempting to arrest him while on the run. The point is that criticizing my neer do well relatives isn't an affront to me. Believe me, my family is plenty critical and ashamed of them. I am not responsible for the acts of my relatives, not even if it were my father or my son. I am responsible for myself alone, and nobody else. The details of this guy and his sad story will surely become clear over time, but it is clear he chose his companions poorly, and probably some kind of deal gone wrong will be found to be the instrument of his demise.


You assume to much ... because he was homeless you have decided he is white trash. Everyone seems to miss the fact that the murderers did NOT know him. Had he been some guy coming home from work OMG - you'd be all over that wouldn't you? Paints an entirely new picture. Robby did not deserve to be executed whether he was homeless, and alcoholic or on drugs. The key word here is homeless - I'm sure we all know executives, professors, cops, judges on and on who can fit the other two categories. Yet they would not deserve to die this way would they? No his lifestyle does not reflect on the rest of us but his life does. It reflects on all of society . . .

Taylor 23

Although I did not know this man, reading the comments from his family is heartbreaking. I can't even imagine what you are going through. God bless and prayers to Rob's family.


While I don't know Robby.. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family. Regardless of his past, it is evident he was loved by many people. May he finally find some peace that eluded him in this life.


Does anyone else think it is odd that the story says that the three suspects did not know the victim prior to the murder, but then in the next sentence says that one of them bailed the victim out of jail a few days prior? Why would you bail someone out if you didn't know them?
I also think it is horrible for the times to focus much of their story on the lifestyle of the victim, that should not be the focus in a story like this. He was the victim, it no longer matters what he may or may not have done. No matter what he did, he surely didnt deserve to die in this way. By dragging him through the dirt you only serve in hurting his family more.


Very disgusted with your story line. The negative remarks you made about a young man that is not here to defend himself. Truth be told I knew this young man and he would give you the shirt off his back. Yes he had issues that led him down wrong paths but to report only negative remarks about him is simply hurtful. Perhaps you should report how he put smiles on everyones face he came in contact with, how he would give you his last dime in his pocket if he thought you needed it, how he knew he had issues but didnot have the resources to help him fight and win, how he loved his family with all his hurt but knew he could not be around them while he was in the state he was in, how the word friend to him was not used lightly. Robbie had many friends and those that knew him will remember him as he was, not as you have depicted him in your story. And I think this "Uncle" that made these remarks should be very ashamed of himself for making the remarks that he did. He has the right to feel however he wants but why make it public. How would he like it if after his death it was posted in his obituary that he was not a wise man and made lots of poor choices. Rest in Peace Robbie and to heck with everybody else with their smack remarks. Your true friends and family know what a gem you were!!!!


You know, it is truly sad that this young man lost his life. These young males/female should be sent to prison for a very, very long time. But, what is funny to me is, how there are so many comments in defense of how they should not have reported on his past. Where were these comments when the past of many murdered Howard and other African American family members are posted by the qctimes? Just asking, because I noticed much bias in comments here often. When these points are questioned, the qctimes usually deletes the post! There should be fairness in reporting and all communication to the public. There are many with checkered histories. But, if you do it to one, you should do it to all! This young man was no different than the other troubled people that was killed in the QCA. Just my own opinion, to which I am entitled like everyone else!!!


formerqctemp - Well said! AND that is why I called him an angel in our mist. Even in his darkest hours he touched lives, and he had an impact on those lives. That is why I say he followed the path God laid before him, and he did it with a smile. The lives God needed him to touch were not on the elite side of town.

I only pray that all those he touched - step back and hear God's word through Robby. He was the messenger.

Deep sea

Some of the most amazing police work I have ever seen! Good job!


My condolences to the Kohn family. Robbie and his brother Roger have been friends of mine since we were teenagers and Robbie called me on occasion to "check in" with me. I was a bit out of sorts when I read the article that stated he lived an "alternative" lifestyle which included drugs and alcohol... just because his lifestyle wasn't the same as the writers doesn't make it an alternative... it was his life and he lived it the way he felt was right for him. The article could have left all that out and it wouldn't have made a difference in the fact that he was murdered. For his and Roger's family... Roger called me last night and was unaware until I heart-brokenly broke the news to him.

Arc Angel

Hey, What happened?


If you feel the need to judge somebody's life style, maybe you should be judging the ones who took the life of Robby!! As a family member of Robby, we loved him for whatever life he chose! We may not of agreed with some of his choices but it was HIS life and nobody else's! Robby had a heart of gold and would do anything for anybody! It makes me sick to think that all you published was negative things about my cousin! Robby was the victim, not the murderer!! Why don't you publish the life style of the criminals who did this to Robby?!? They are the ones who deserve to be judged! NO MATTER WHAT other people think about Robby..HE DID NOT DESERVE TO HAVE HIS LIFE TAKEN FROM HIM!! I will forever cherish all the memories i have of my cousin! I love ya cous...MAY YOU REST IN PEACE

Deep sea

I am sorry for your loss.


Seriously Brian - can you respond to this? I'd like to understand a mentality that thinks this kind of reporting is okay. Please help us to understand.

judge one not

Yea i would be interested what he has to say for himself, and how he can justify being so evil, and not considering ones family, let alone to talk about this poor guy like he is nothing, is was a HUMAN BEING! Who cares what he had going on in his life, no one deserves to be killed and left for someone to hopefully find! And even worse why would you "Brian" have to make it worse on this family by reporting that his poor body was ran over, as if he was just some dead cat or something! I say shame on the qc times, for having a reporter as heartless as this! This is not his first time, he does this all the time, and half the time he does not even have the story right! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


So glad they got these suspects quickly!!!! If they are guilty they need to be off the streets before they can hurt anyone else.


To theAuthor of this article: When I first read this I was sick to my stomach! As a family member of Robby's, I find it very disresceptful that all you print was the negative things that he had done in his short life!!! Rob would have done anything to help anyone! But all you have said is that he "hung around the wrong crowd".....He may have made some bad decisions in his life but he was STILL someones son, father,nephew,cousin and friend to many! Why didn't you ask the family member that you interviewed some positve things about him?!?! I hope that Robby is now free of the demons that he was battling and he may REST IN PEACE!!


This Article makes me sad, Many of us have our demons and some are able to overcome their demons, and some can't. But remember he was a Son, Father, Brother, Nephew, Cousin, Grandson, Etc and most most most importantly he was human, we all make mistakes. Regardless of his lifestyle he was loved by many and by throwing his demons out there you are able to sell more papers and make the article more interesting. The family provided the media with the picture of who Robby truely was and you chose to publish this picture, which frankly is in poor taste. You do realize the family is already hurting and you apparently have no dis-regard fpr their feelings, I know the news is about selling the paper and putting stories out there but remember he was a person who had his struggles, but he also was loved by those that knew him. Regardless of this lifestyle NO ONE deserves what happened to him. It could have been my daughter who has her demons but nothing she has done in her life would make her worthy of being murdered.. If you need a new picture, one that shows who Robby was, simply ask and I can see to it you have a real picture...So sorry Kohn family you have to read this and Robby may all your demons be gone..R.I.P. Luv u guys!!!


thank you for all your support to our family! Robby truly was a great guy and had a heart of gold! He will be missed greatly!!


Furthermore, I find it ironic that you're a facebook "friend" of King's Harvest, an organization designed to help these kind of people. We all make mistakes in life - I hope you can see yours and learn from it. *smh*

judge one not

Man that ticks me off even more! I didn't wanna put on blast like he does, but i serve at Kings Harvest, and to know that he is degrading homeless people that just sickens me!

YOU ARE A HYPOCRITE! There is a special place for people like you!


To Brian - author of this article,

I don't know Rob personally, but what I do know is that regardless of someone's past or current lifestyle, no one deserves to be the victim of this kind of crime. Nor do they deserve to have all of their demons plastered where thousands of people can read about them in their death. The TV stations used a picture of Rob that showed him to be a person - which is exactly what he was. He was a son, a brother, a father. Why was it necessary in his death to use a mug shot and air his dirty laundry? Are you saying that because he has walked a hard path in the world that he deserved this? Because that is what you are communicating.

I worked in media and I know about integrity and you have shown a great lack of it through your reporting. I understand your job is to sell newspapers, but to exploit people to do so is cruel and unkind and not something necessary to go somewhere in life. How awful for you if this was your son, cousin or father and someone did that to you.

Shame on you.


thank you for your kind words and support to our family! Robby was a great man and will be missed so much!

judge one not

How i agree with everything you just wrote about Mr. Author Brian! He seems to be real good at blasting peoples business inappropriately! Everyone, has done something wrong in their life, but that does not make them a bad person! He acts as if he is prefect, i am sure if someone did some digging he would have things in his life he would not want blasted across the newspaper! I am so disgusted with this guy how he turns everything upside down! So what if "Rob" had fallen on hard times, we all have! That in no way means he deserved to be killed. Brian makes it sound like "oh well he was homeless, on drugs, so what". I take this seriously, i volunteer serving "homeless people" food, they are not bad people, my husband works at the shelter at night so the homeless have a place to sleep, to be safe and warm! My prayers go out to the family of the loss of their loved one!

Brian, i do not know how you sleep well at night, knowing all the ugly things you report on, not only do you show no sympathy, you are one HEARTLESS MAN!

Robs family
Robs family

saddened by some of the things in this report..Robby may have been fighting some internal demons but that does not take away from the man he truly was. Robby was always willing to help everyone he knew and saw the good in all people which may have lead to his dimise. He could always make everyone smile and had a heart of gold. I hope that when people read that he was down on his luck and fighting his demons that they take is death as meaningless. Rob was a good person and he was our family. His life was taken at the hands of an evil person and I pray the davenport police department find this person and make them pay for their crime. We will never have Robby back in our lives, to see his smile or hear his silly laugh, but please dont think any less of him because of his circumstances at the time of his death, please remember he left a family behind that loved him no matter what. Drugs and alcohol are true demons that can be very hard to fight but I know in my heart that did not make him deserve what someone evil has done to him. May he Rest in Peace.


So sorry for your loss! I hope the person or persons responsible are quickly brought to justice. May he rest in peace.


Bromwell was trying to elude the cops by driving through an empty field and drove over a body of someone who had been killed less than 24 hours earlier? Amazing coincidence. Why is he only charged wtih OWI, not eluding police too?

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