A Davenport woman has been charged with felony child endangerment with bodily injury after police allege she whipped a 10-year-old child that was in her care. 

Amber Lynn Holcomb, 22, of 913 W. 8th St., was arrested Friday in connection with the incident that occurred about 4 p.m. May 2. 

According to the arrest affidavit filed by Davenport Police Detective Karl Drezek, Holcomb was the caretaker for the child at the time of the incident. 

According to the arrest affidavit, Holcomb allegedly struck the child in the legs and buttocks with a belt several times. 

When Holcomb felt that the strikes were not having the desired results through the child's clothes, she allegedly made the child undress and struck the child on the legs with the belt, the affidavit states. 

According to the affidavit, the child sustained red marks and bruising that had a linear pattern on the left leg. The child complained the injury was painful. The injury also was visible for more than two days after the incident. 

The child's mother requested a no-contact order against Holcomb. 

Holcomb was being held in the Scott County Jail on $5,000 bond. 

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In response to KT. Yes i reported him to the police he sat 14 minutes in jail. He was supposed to do 1 year he weaseled his way out of that then it was 6 months. Finally he was supposed to do 50 days n he only did 2 days. Appealed to a higher court. But he us out here on bond! Free as a bird!

Family man

Alright, all of you that are against spankings whether it be with a belt or by hand just remember that when you on this website bitching about thugs and juvenile delinquents in other articles. I'm just saying that the respect level and the behavior of the youth of America has declined rapidly since spanking a child has become taboo. Society would rather medicate children than discipline them in today's world.


I was spanked by a belt when I was younger but to make the child undress was extreme. There has to be a point of being excessive. So as I said, I experienced the belt as a child and therefore I knew if I done wrong I would face that again. I respected both my parents and loved them dearly. On this mother's day, I miss, love and wish my mom a Happy Mother's Day.


Love this birdie! You have said enough!!!


Who on this site has said spanking is taboo? Can you not distinguish between whipping and spanking? Also. Ask any of those "juvenile delinquents". They have all, nearly to a one, been beaten with hands, belts and boards by someone who is supposed to love them. Respect is not engendered with a whip. It is earned by showing a positive example. As in every generation many elders lament the awful ways of youth, nothing new under the sun. Kids are no worse today then they ever have been. Violence breeds more violence. Be it to a child, another adult, no matter. Violence does not work.


The thugs and juvenile delinquents have pretty much ALL been hit by parents.


originality isn't your suit, huh?


No, familyman, hitting a child with a whip was never called "discipline".. It has always been called child abuse. It is NEVER ok to beat a child. Discipline can and does take many forms. Some don't know how to discipline without violence, that's sad for them and for the child. But beatings? with an instrument? No. In what world is that OK? That's about hate, and a desire to hurt and injure.


not that I agree with hitting a child with a belt.. but what family man is saying is WRONG! This was not the parents hitting the child, it was a babysitter!!!

Comment deleted.

How about I beat you with a belt and see how you like it?

20 bucks says you run to the police crying like a little girlie and file charges ....

Any Adult who beats children and animals deserves a good ol' fashioned cat o' nine tails themselves ,,,,, If it comes down to having to hit them to make them behave then YOU FAILED not the child or the animal .....

Comment deleted.

I think you missed the point Family Man. Its the fact that it was the babysitter and the fact that when she was spanking someone elses child that spanking them with there clothes on wasn't good enough so she made them pull there pants down and leave marks and bruises. That is terrible. A babysitter is not the person who is supposed to be disciplining the children like that it is the parent and any parent who leaves marks on there kid like that should get in trouble.. I know I got my fair share of spankings when I was little but none so bad they left marks. There is discipline and then there is abuse.


No doubt. Spare the rod spoil the child. My only beef is that it was not the parent.


whipping some child till they have bruises is NOT a proper way to discipline them.


The newspaper loves to broadcast when the abuse is at the hands of a female. My children's father did worse than this and it's not anywhere to be found!


Did you have him arrested for abusing your children or, at least, remove the children from his reach?


He is out on bond after being sentenced to a year he did a whole two days. Appealed to a higher court.

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