A large-scale psilocybin mushroom operation was busted over the weekend in Blue Grass, and two people are scheduled to appear in court Tuesday morning on drug charges, police said.

Emily Ann Dwyer, 21, and Ryan Lee Toliver, 23, are each charged with manufacturing psilocybin mushrooms, a Class B felony that is punishable by up to 25 years in prison.

Police searched their home at 6010 116th St., Blue Grass, and discovered grow operations on the first floor and in the basement, according to their arrest affidavits.

Police discovered several glass mason jars with mushroom spores and fungus, bags and five-gallon buckets of organic dirt, fertilizer, an incubator with temperature gauges and journals with growing instructions and stages, the affidavits state.

Police also found glass pipes with marijuana residue, several used syringes, burnt spoons with filters and a glass jar with suspected marijuana, the affidavits state.

Dwyer also is charged with marijuana possession, a serious misdemeanor, and Toliver is charged with marijuana possession, third offense, an aggravated misdemeanor.

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No you just don't get it 25 years think about 25 years In prison for weed and shrooms all the while booze is flowing


Fungus peddlers. Disgusting!


1:) Waste of resources
2:) Victim-less crime

Mushroom overdoses everywhere.....

People die from marijuana every day....

/sarcasm off

Mark Riley 4 State Senate
Mark Riley 4 State Senate

We cannot continue to warehouse our citizens with a slumping economy and dwindling middle class. Prison should be for violent people who cannot be trusted in society. Not for people who make bad life choices. We do not have the resources to continue this. We are now starting to suffer as a society because we cannot afford infrastructure and protection for our schools.


Really? You're using this media for your campaign purposes? Sketchy.


Why don't they just move Iowa to north Korea

Family man

It's really about the fact that the government was not making any money off them. Prescription drugs kill a lot of people and also people get highly addicted to them but that is cool because they are big business with lobbyists.


Can anybody say drug court


Only in Iowa where child molesters are running free to do what they want and the bulls are not concerned .They charged two kids with shrooms and pot that equals 25 Years in prison child killers don't do that much time Iowa-police state


So that's these two clowns career choice? Manufacturing and selling drugs? They are idiots.

Arc Angel

I had mushrooms on my pizza !


And right after Tripmaster Monkey was in town....


Darn, I was wanting to try those someday. Why are they illegal, don't they just grow out of the ground?


25 years! Lets ruin these kids lives for growing flippin mushrooms.


...ruin their lives? You just don't get the whole picture, do ya!?!! They are ruining their own lives. It was their choice. Possibly ruining other's lives as well, by selling it. Who knows if they were poisoning or not -- I mean, there was a MANUAL for dummies to make shrooms? You're a customer of theirs, I take it - that's why you're upset?

Cheryl Lawrence

Sounds to me like two young people trying to boost our economy. So I wonder how many thousand of dollars was spent busting this international crime syndicate?

I think all these man hours and money could be spent on harder core chromes!


If you Google Map the address in satellite mode, it shows "their home" as being in Village Oaks. Nice place. I'm just curious who the real owner is.

coffee cup
coffee cup

Just legalize it. Cops can go fight real crime then.


Am I trippin'? Which is which?


Exactly what I was thinking!

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