The man accused of stabbing three people at a downtown Davenport bar Saturday was pinned to the ground and disarmed by bouncers as police were called, the bar owner said Monday.

Don Davison, owner of Shenanigan's, said he saw a commotion near the restrooms and hailed security to break it up. In addition to himself and a bar manager, Davison said, there were six security guards working Saturday.

“It is a fluke thing,” he said. “It was St. Patty’s Day, and there were thousands of people down here.”

Long restroom lines sparked the incident, he said, adding that suspect David Ramm started shoving people before pulling out his knife. Providing security in the restroom areas is a challenge, he said, because of the need for customer privacy.

“I’ve been in the bar business over 20 years and never had anything like this happen,” Davison said. “It disgusts me.”

Ramm, 35, of 9920 123rd St., Davenport, faces three felony counts of willful injury causing bodily injury and one count of going armed with intent. The incident occurred just after 4 p.m. Saturday. Ramm spent about five hours in jail before he was released from the Scott County Jail on $5,000 bond.

The three stabbing victims have not yet been identified. Although police spoke with them at the scene, Davenport Police Maj. Don Schaefer said Monday, the victims have not been "formally" interviewed.

Police did confirm one of the victims was a friend of Ramm's who was stabbed when he tried to intervene. Two of the victims were hospitalized for observation, police said, and one underwent surgery.

Davison took over ownership of Shenanigan's in October, and police said they have responded to 24 calls for service since it reopened. A majority of the calls, 16, were for disturbances.

In 2010, the former owner of Shenanigan's was among five downtown tavern owners to pool their money to pay for extra police patrols in the area. The private funding came in response to complaints to aldermen that police were taking up to two hours to respond to routine calls outside of downtown.

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This is why bar life is stupid. Always drama. Always chaos. Either way, why bond yourself out? YOU STABBED 3 PEOPLE IDIOT! You will be going away for a LONG time! Especially with witnesses and proof. Waste of your 5 grand. Why let someone out who is capable of such violence anyways? Who says hes not going to have another aloholic rage incident before he gets sentenced and more people are injured???? So much for serve and protect.


“It is a fluke thing,” Really? You have 6 Security guys? SIX? for such an intelligent , Well mannered collection of customers? It's a hub for the hysterical, a special place for the emotionally immature. I'll put my dime down and say 'it's going to happen again. Remember the SHAMROCK TAP?

Mrs Woody

I find it funny that this story differs from the first couple of stories. There were a couple men interviewed after everything was over. The men, who were patrons, said it was patrons that stopped Dave. What, the bar owner didn't like all the negative comments on here being said about his bar? So he told a different story for this reporter......Interesting!


I highly doubt that his intent was murder! Yes they all were stabbed in the neck, maybe the 2 guys seen the knife and decided to attack him? Then his friend tried to help and everyone got stabbed during the attack?
I'm not sticking up for him, all the facts aren't out yet.


No one in the bar would agree with this whitewashed story of how the guy trying to kill people with a knife was wrestled to the ground. The non-bouncer who was stabbed while trying to help wrestle the knife wielder to the ground would probably be very insulted by this story if not laughing so hard till his stab wound hurt too much. Honestly, was this dictated to Barb/QC Times by the bar owner? And the other mystery - what genius at the Davenport Police decided that a guy trying to murder people with a knife who sent three people to the hospital was safe to let loose on the QC community with charges closer to littering than what he should have been charged with: attempted murder. I am sure everyone is sleeping better with the Davenport Police making decisions like this and the QC Times taking dictation instead of true reporting.


Would be nice if the QC Times researched a story before printing. No one in the bar would agree with this whitewashed story - and how are we to understand how the Davenport police decided that someone who stabbed three people was safe to release into the QC community less then 6 hours after he was taken into custody. And what charges were brought? Loitering? Why wasn't this guy charged with attempted murder with a deadly weapon? Three people went to the hospital and one guy was in surgery for multiple hours. Thanks Barb, please spend more then 5 minutes getting your next story dictated to you.


The cops don't set the bond. All bonds are pre-set by the state legislature, it is out of the cops hands after the suspect is taken to jail. Its that pesky 8thAmendment thing raising its ugly head again.

The charge of Willful Injury carries the weight and time in prison if convicted as does attempted murder. It is a much easier charge to prove, that is why it is the preferred charge in these sort of cases.


that should have read carries the same weight and time in prison if convicted.



also, the police do have something to do with it. they are the ones who decide what to charge a suspect with in the first place THEN a judge intervenes! duh!


A few mistakes of law here.
1. Bonds are not set by the state legislature. The Iowa Supreme Court sets guidelines, a judge has discretion to make changes. Chapter 811, Code of Iowa.
2. Attempted Murder is a Class B felony, carrying not more than 25 years in prison. It is also subject to the "70% rule", 17 1/2 years of the sentence must be served before parole eligibility. Sections 707.11, 902.12, Code of Iowa.
3. Willful Injury can be either a Class C felony carrying not more that 10 years in prison (section 708.4(1) Code of Iowa (if serious injury results) or a Class D felony carrying not more than 5 years in prison (if only bodily injury results) (section 708.4(2), Code of Iowa. The former is a forcible felony (no probation, but no mandatory minimum unless the state alleges use of a dangerous weapon, in which case a 5 year minimum applies (2 1/2, actually, it is a "parole board minimum"). The latter is not a forcible felony, meaning probation may be granted.
Agree that Attempted Murder is a tough case to prove, which is why you will typically see a Willful Injury count added.


1. The statute does set a bond schedule before a case gets before a judge. That's how people bond out of jail before initial appearance, which is what happened in this case. The bond schedule doesn't apply to forcible felonies, however.


Did channel 6 just say it took 6 bouncers to get him to the ground? If so, the owner might want to get new bouncers.


I agree


This story is total bs.


Look at who wrote the story. You can't expect anything better from her, she has shown that she is inept time and time again.


I disagree. Barb has a knack for reporting stories based on facts. From what I have read in the past, it appears she writes her stories and lets the chips fall where they may.


this is what the owner is saying to ease the heat he must be feeling for operating an establishment with a history of this kind of thing.
the bouncers didn't arrive until after the action. it only took one person to bring that animal down and it certainly wasn't hired security.

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