A California man have been sentenced in federal court for conspiracy to distribute marijuana in Davenport.

David Gabriel Morago, 34, of Redwood Valley, was sentenced Wednesday to 110 months in prison for conspiracy to distribute at least 100 kilograms of marijuana.

Morago also was ordered to serve four years of supervised release following the imprisonment, and to pay $100 to the Crime Victims Fund.

Beginning in October 2010 and continuing until about Oct. 27, 2012, Morago conspired with other persons to distribute marijuana in the Davenport area.

On multiple occasions Morago packaged multiple kilograms of marijuana at or near his residence in California, and then assisted persons in concealing that packaged marijuana in vehicles for transport from Northern California to the Davenport area. The marijuana was delivered to recipients specified by Morago for those recipients’ further distribution.

Recipients of marijuana included co-defendants John Michael Masterson, formerly of Davenport, and Autumn E. Skelton, formerly of Port Byron, Ill.

Earlier this month Masterson was sentenced to two years in prison and three years of supervised release following imprisonment for conspiracy to distribute marijuana.

Skelton has pled guilty to conspiracy to distribute marijuana and is awaiting sentencing.

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Someday this is going to look just as foolish as the first prohibition. Maybe then we can look back and see what happens when we wage war on our own citizens.


The cost per inmate in Iowa’s prison system averaged $30,546 for a drug that legal in other states.


Some people will go to a lot of work to avoid working for a living. Hope he enjoys his stay.


So you think it's right he should be locked up with rapists, child molesters, murderers and robbers? More than half the country now supports legalization. You and your kind are the minority.

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