Three Quad-City men charged in the heroin overdose death of an 18-year-old Davenport woman pleaded not guilty Wednesday.

Joseph L. Cooper, 75, of Rock Island, Andrew A. Rahn, 20, of Long Grove and David A. Weber, 52, of Bettendorf appeared in U.S. District Court, Davenport, for arraignment. Each is charged with conspiracy to distribute heroin. A trial date was set for Jan. 7.

They are accused of contributing to the June 6 death of Tralee Duffey in Long Grove. She was with Rahn, her boyfriend, and the overdose allegedly occurred in his home, records state.

Rahn took Duffey to buy heroin earlier on June 6 from Weber and Cooper in Rock Island, records state.

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Our judicial code holds people accountable for their actions. If you fail to act in certain situations you are liable. It only takes minimal common sense to see that. We have "Good Samaritan" laws that can criminalize the failure to provide aid to another. So it is very easy to see that three experienced drug users who abetted in any way the drug use of a young woman can be held responsible. The war on drugs is a joke? Yeah, to people who can't connect the dots and think about their child or grandchild falling into that mess. We should be ratcheting up the penalties on drug dealers. I can live with going easy on people who aren't dealing, but selling drugs is a cancer on our society and we shouldn't put up with it.


First and formost, I do not advocate drug sales, drug buys or drug usage!
After reading this article, I must ask, how can you hold someone accountable for the overdose of another, unless they were the ones that held her down and injected the drugs in her body?
Yes, young people sometimes make very bad decisions. This young lady made a very bad decision to place a lethal drug in her body. She has paid the highest cost for that choice. This is a lesson that should be taught to all young folk. Drugs kill people! Do Not Do Drugs! Yes, all involved were old enough to know right from wrong, but they are accountable only to themselves. The war on drugs is a joke. Yes, people are dying from this mess. But, you can't imprison every single person that makes the choice to buy, sell or use this mess. You don't have enough prison space and the court system is overwhelmed.


As i see you are a mother by your screen name, what if this was your child? would you just say oh bad mistake by my own kid... no one should get in trouble for this. Tralee just graduated high school, had a funeral instead of a graduation party, died before my birthday, and was a really good friend to me and others. For you to be judgmental on someone you didn't know is horrible, why don't you sit down with her parents and try to explain it to them your thinking's. i made this account to for people like you, this doesn't ask for an opinion it asks for a comment. and excuse my words but you just really ticks me of "momma" And yes, yes you can imprison every single one of them. Have you ever had a conversation with Andy? and how he is as a person? I bet your thoughts would be different. like i said before what if your kids did this? got a call the next day by someone, told you your child is dead. your little comment about how they all should get in trouble is again horrible my friends dead, gone, never will speak to her again, and neither will her family. i think that's enough "punish" to go around. maybe these "boys" should suffer a little bit. Have you seen andys fb? how hes out having a good time taking pictures, smiling, and working. doing things and living his life... but tell me writingmomma where is Tralee? So how about you watch your opinions because it ticked off enough of us. and right now im speaking for all of us

Thanks - Tralee's Friends


Heroin is a bad drug taken by many "good people" She wasnt a saint or she wouldnt have been shooting up drugs. I am sorry you lost your friend but if your friend was doin heroin then she was lost to begin with. On a road to self destruction and it worked in her favor. Your friend chose to do a bad drug and she lost her life.


I completely agree with you. Yes they should be charged with possession and delivery of this drug but to charge then with her losing her life. NO. She did the drug she lost her life. She had no regard as to how this would affect those that love and care for her when she was shooting up in a parking lot. She selfishly did a drug and it took her life. It is sad but true.


So sad, to whom do we really hold responsible?


Everyone involved, including the girl who died. These guys need to be accountable for selling drugs, but at the same time, no one twisted that girls arm to make her do drugs. Bad decisions all around.

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