Police say a Davenport man picked a toddler up by his neck and threw him onto a bed, injuring the child.

Michael David Martin, 23, of 5455 Appomattox Road, Apt. 1, is charged with child endangerment with injury, a Class D felony punishable by up to five years in prison. He’s also charged with a misdemeanor count of domestic abuse.

Martin was arrested early Tuesday following an incident at his home. He has been released from the Scott County Jail.

Police say that as a result of child abuse, the toddler suffered scratch marks on his left temple area and lower left neck that required medical attention.

Martin also threatened the child’s mother, an arrest affidavit states.

The mother has requested an order of protection for her and her child.



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Most of you idiots on this page are severely handicapped. You need to learn to shut your mouths and mind your own business. I'm close friends with him and he's misses his son and the mother dearly. They've been dragging this case on for soo long that it will get dropped due to ignorance in the justice system.


I think it's amazing how after these stories come out, there is always someone to pipe in and say I know this person, and he/ she is a good person blah blah blah. And I love the...this isn't how the story went at all. Bull..the bottom line is that child abuse in any form is unacceptable and should be punished at the highest degree!! You would be amazed how well you think you know someone, but behind closed doors is where the truth really lies. We cannot tolerate any more abuse on children...period!!!


3mom you just an idiot like the rest on this page. You weren't there in that situation to see it happen. So shut your mouth. I am personally friends with him. He's misses his son and the mother dearly. I know he never hurt him in anyway. The police and prosecutor are being idiots just like you. It's been 4 months now that this happened and the prosecutor is still dragging her arse. Most likely the case will get dropped.


Look, I know Michael very well. He is a good friend of mine. And this isn't at all what happened. 1st off, the charge wasn't a felony, the toddler didn't need medical attention. And he didn't threaten anyone and the mom doesn't want an order of protection.


Put him away for a while. Oh, and make sure it's in the general population, not protective custody.


How about you get put in General population. Do you know that our tax money is being waste by housing these kind of people in prison. I would waste one penny on him. Michael is my best friend and I know he doesn't deserve to be imprisoned.


What the heck is wrong with these guys?! This certainly seems to be a growing trend!


Just another product of Davenport.you know monkey see monkey do


At least you got the city and state right this time dogg


Another fine POS! What is wrong with people!!!

That poor little kid!

These scums need to be locked up and while locked up they need to take some classes on how to treat others!!


How about you take classes in shutting your mouth and minding your own business. He's doesn't deserve being imprisoned. He is clearly innocent and I would know I've been supporting him since it all happened .

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