A 39-year-old Davenport man who police said held a female down on a bed and had sex with her has pleaded guilty.

Tony Montegna, of 3506 Pacific Ave., pleaded guilty Friday to a lesser charge of assault with intent to commit sexual abuse with no injury, an aggravated misdemeanor, ahead of going to trial Monday on one count of forcible rape.

Montegna was arrested Aug. 24. As of Monday, he had been in the Scott County Jail for 101 days on a $10,000 cash-only bond.

Montegna was at a residence on West 17th Street about 6 a.m. Oct. 16, 2011, when he forcibly held a female victim down on a bed and had sex with her against her will, according to his arrest affidavit.

His sentencing is set for 2:30 p.m. Jan. 3.

Meanwhile, Montegna was charged Nov. 16 with third-degree sex abuse related to an incident that occurred eight months after the rape he pleaded guilty to. The victims in the two cases are different, court records state.

Scott County District Judge Paul Macek last week denied a motion by prosecutors to combine the two cases into one, and Montegna awaits trial on the third-degree sex abuse charge, court records state.

His record in Scott County includes convictions for assault in 1996 and domestic abuse in 2004.

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He gets everything he deserves, bout dang time they lock his a** up, if only the world knew what he has done to these women and children and no one has ever spoke up.


I'm from that neighborhood also. The Gentleman Rapist from the 80's did live around the corner from Montegna, on 36th St. Can't remember his last name though. He was a door to door vacuum salesman. He traveled across Iowa knocking on doors, then forcing his way into houses and raping women. He got away with it for many years. His wife and daughter had no clue. Nobody did! Finally caught him a year before the James Klindt deal.


"Gentleman Rapist from the 80's?" Any more clues / links?

I also am from that neighborhood. Don't remember "The Gentleman Rapist"


Does anyone remember the so-called "gentleman rapist" from the 80s? He lived right around the corner from this guy. I lived in that neighborhood. Weird.


see this is what I'm always talking about. sell crack to an adult and you get life, but rape someone and you only get 10 years. com on man!


I agree with you iowalittledog, obviously Im not fond of crack dealers, but they aren't holding people down forcing them to take drugs. The other day I read about a guy who was sentenced to 15 years for having weed and paraphenalia. I would much rather have that guy on the streets than the rapist.


I have no idea which case you are referring to; but I am willing to bet money the individual was not sentenced to prison for 15 years for possessing weed and paraphernalia. Could you post a reference?


http://blog.norml.org/2011/05/10/americas-shameful-prohibition-life-sentences-for-marijuana/ -Unfortunately, in this country drug users getting harshers sentences than those with violent crimes, and the only reason they should is if they are dealing to children. If an adult makes their own mind up to use then that is their problem. A man commits a FORCIBLE rape, ALL ARE, then he should get more than 10 years.


could you point out one, just one, case where someone sold crack to an adult one time and got life?


Serial rapist! I hope they keep him locked up for as long as possible.

Arc Angel

Good call Judge!

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