Two Davenport men were arrested this week on drug charges following a months-long investigation. 

Brian L. Gay had a 12-year-old present during one of his drug transactions, police said.

As for Dontae L. Burrage, who police said supplied Gay his drugs, it’s his third arrest this year on felony drug charges.

The Quad-City Metropolitan Enforcement Group investigated Gay, who delivered high-grade Mexican marijuana on more than one occasion to undercover agents, MEG director Kevin Winslow said.

Gay, 41, delivered a total of 3.3 pounds, or a kilogram and a half, of marijuana to undercover MEG agents on four occasions, an arrest affidavit states.

He’s charged with four counts of possession with intent to deliver, a Class C felony that is punishable by up to 10 years in prison upon conviction.

He was arrested Wednesday night after he sold 892 grams of marijuana to an undercover agent in the 900 block of West Kimberly Road, Davenport, the affidavit states. He was still in the Scott County Jail Friday.

Police said Gay had a 12-year-old with him when he sold 60 grams of marijuana to an undercover agent on Oct. 16 in the 3100 block of West Central Park Avenue, Davenport.

Police determined that Burrage, 24, of 3438 Heatherton Drive, sold the 892 grams of marijuana to Gay earlier on Wednesday before Gay sold the drugs to the undercover agent. Burrage also was arrested Wednesday night. He’s no longer in custody.

Both men have records of drug convictions.

Burrage previously was arrested March 21 and Oct. 9 on felony drug charges and awaits trial. He also was convicted in 2009 for possession of a controlled substance.

In 1995, when Gay was 23 living in Bettendorf, he received a 10-year suspended sentence and three years of probation after pleading guilty to delivery of cocaine. He also was convicted in 2009 for possession of a controlled substance.

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It's just weed, its going to be legal nationwide in 5 years, give the dudes a break.

Family man

Furthermore, citizens are tired of seeing their money wasted on marijuana investigations; use our money and resources on something that will protect and serve.

judge one not

I would agree; especially using people like him to get the one they really want, and they cannot even do that! So, they give the guy that was merely the middle man, probably making a few dollars, a bond of $50,000 cash only, and the so called "real" drug dealer a bond for $5000. and he is out in an hour... are you kidding me! So, we pay for another person to go to prison, costing us $40,000 + a year, paying meg agents that cannot even do their own dang job, to not even get the person they want! Sending away a guy, that the megs agents took advantage of knowing he is probably struggling, and set him up while he is working is a dang disgrace, not only are they incompetent, but they also put the poor restaurant in a dangerous situation, what if he was a actual harden criminal, it could have gotten ugly real quick... and this is what we taxpayers are pay for!!

judge one not

Its reporters like you that one, never get the facts right, and two seem to think that spreading ones life history across the newspaper makes you feel better! Do you have no morals? People do have families, and children... how would you like to have your young kids find out horrible things about you through the paper! And low life agencies such as the "meg agents" should be e legal its a form of entrapment, they two have no morals, and even more a lot of these agents are no saints... trust me i know!!


I agree, and also know for a fact that the information that is in this article is not all true... Brain did not have no child with him ever present with him during any of these allegations, i know his family and this so call sale that took place on west central park, he was riding a bike, and the kid they claim that was with him, was a neighbor kid that hangs out with his little cousins, he gave money to him buy a pop at the gas station,and that was it, that child was not with him.. get your facts straight. You make it sound like the kid was right with him, that's a bold face lie... he has one son and he is much older, and he rarely gets to see him.. I have known him for years, and this guy would not do that with a child around. He is a good guy he was just down on his luck, was currently in rehab, and meant this uncover agent at rehab, and he approached him to buy stuff, he is no dealer. I cannot believe a person cannot even go to rehab where they are trying to get their life together, and our tax money is going towards "agents" bothering people in rehab, do your own job! And on top of it to try and use him to entrap his own family; pitiful.. and our prisons are already so filled up, and are overcrowded now! WOW

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