A photo-illustration shows a representation of a car theft in downtown Davenport on Sunday. 


The Quad-City region is experiencing an increase in stolen vehicles. Vehicle theft occurs very quickly and is one of the most preventable crimes, according to the Davenport Police Department.

Many of the stolen vehicles were left running unattended, or with keys left inside the vehicles with the doors unlocked.

Here are some recurring themes:

• Most stolen vehicles have been an easy target such as a car running unattended, or a car with unlocked doors with keys in it.

• Vehicle thefts occur throughout our community affecting all neighborhoods including driveways, unlocked garages, convenient stores, and gas stations.

• The most prevalent age group for the suspects of stolen vehicles is 12-18 years of age. The youngest was 11.

• Once having possession of a stolen vehicle, suspects are driving recklessly endangering lives, committing thefts and burglaries, involved in shootings, committing hit-and-run crashes and fleeing from police.

• When recovered, many stolen vehicles are found to have significant damage from crashes.

If you see suspicious activity, call 9-1-1.

To keep from becoming the next victim, follow these tips, from Davenport police.

• Always lock your vehicle when left unattended.

• Never leave your keys in your vehicle or in the ignition, even for a few seconds. This includes hiding the keys in your vehicle.

• Do not leave any valuables inside a vehicle, especially in plain view. (Cellphones, laptop computers, cameras, GPS devices, eyeglasses/sunglasses are small and easily concealable items are often left inside vehicles.)

• Do not leave firearms inside your vehicle.

• Do not leave identification items or financial documents inside your vehicle, such as your driver’s license, social security card, checkbook or credit cards.

• Never leave your garage door opener in the vehicle.

• If you want to warm up/cool down your vehicle before getting into it, consider investing in a remote starter.

From the Davenport Police Department

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