Davenport police are asking the public’s help in solving an outbreak of vandalism that occurred on the city’s east side during the overnight hours Tuesday into Wednesday.

At least 42 vehicles were damaged during the overnight hours, said Capt. Paul Sikorski, who is in charge of the department’s patrol division.

“The damage consists of mostly slashed tires,” Sikorski said. “It varied from vehicle to vehicle how much damage was done. Some cars had one tire slashed while others had two. There was one report of a broken car window.”

The areas where the damage occurred, he said, included the 700-1100 blocks of Bridge Avenue, the 1100 block of Oneida Avenue and the 900-1400 blocks of College Avenue. There also were damaged vehicles in the 1200-1300 blocks of East 13th Street and the 1200-1300 blocks of East 9th Street.

Police still are determining the value of the damage done, he said, adding that, “It’s a lot.”

Anyone who may have seen something suspicious or may know about the incidents is asked to call the Davenport Police Department at 563-326-7979.

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Thanks you qct's for the Central City update and current conditions....


Bet it was a tire salesman who did it


Sounds like the east side is having issues. It was just a couple weeks ago that a gentleman got jumped by a gang of teenagers walking home from a video store. It does seem strange that 42 cars got slashed tires and no one seen a thing.


I'm sure they would if there was time. I'm sure the budget doesn't allow for them to do that. Our neighborhood doesn't even get the drive-thru visibility. Not enough calls I suppose. I'm sure the police we have go from call to call as their staff has been reduced to a minimum as the office is closed after dark and on holidays... Because no crimes happen then right?


While this did happen south of locust street and is no big surprise, it would probably help if the police department tried a different style of policing. They should park their cars and walk for a few blocks here and there. They don't have to do it at night, but during the day show a presence. All you see in this town is cops in squad cars driving with this blank look on their face. They become the punchline to dougnut jokes. When the boys in blue start showing their face a bit more the atmosphere will change in those hot spots south of locust. The taxpayer didn't send them to ILEA to drive around and wait for a cat to be stuck in a tree. Engage the population in a positive way. If things get sticky down there south of locust? Well, knowing fully well the hazards of their profession, the taxpayer also provided them with next generation pistols and other fine weaponry.


Crime is down. They told us so!


Sounds like the car owners are SOL(South of Locust.)


42 cars is impressive. When you get that many people it take the eyes off the real target if you had one and it's then called vandalism. We now know there are no cameras in that area.

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