Retired Davenport police Capt. Kevin Murphy says a judge gave him a break by handing him a deferred judgment Thursday in his stalking case.

“I can now prove that this is not the true me,” Murphy, 56, of Bettendorf told the Quad-City Times in a telephone interview after his sentencing in Scott County District Court, Davenport.

“I’m thankful for my family and friends,” Murphy said. “They stood behind me. They knew this is not me. This is my first day of true retirement.”

The 33-year veteran of the Davenport Police Department previously admitted to charges he stalked a female friend.

His attorney, Murray Bell of Davenport, said he was pleased Murphy received a deferred judgment after pleading guilty to two aggravated misdemeanor counts of stalking. If Murphy successfully follows certain restrictions for two years, the conviction will be wiped from his record.

“He may have stepped over the line,” Bell said about the stalking.

Murphy was accused of entering the Davenport home of a friend on three occasions. In one instance, he entered the home near the Village of East Davenport while the woman was sleeping, placed his hand over her mouth and said, “Don’t call the police and don’t file a report,” an arrest affidavit states.

Bell said the victim has known Murphy 20 years, and Murphy often helped her around her house. He added that around the time of the incidents, Murphy went through “a terrible period” in his life when he suffered from alcoholism and psychological effects of more than three decades in law enforcement that Bell described being similar to post-traumatic stress disorder.

“There is no help for the protectors who protect us,” Bell said. “We put them in horrific situations. We don’t give them treatment for what they go through.”

Murphy told the Times that during his last few years on the force, he couldn’t sleep at night, lost weight and lived on energy drinks.

“I asked for assistance from my command, and I got none,” Murphy said.

Laura Roan with the Iowa Attorney General’s Office prosecuted Murphy’s stalking case and said the victim felt “traumatized” by Murphy’s behavior.

Although the investigation involving Murphy began in Davenport, the case was turned over to state officials because of his law enforcement career in Scott County.

Under terms of the deferred judgment, Murphy is not allowed to have contact with the victim for five years. He also will serve two years of supervised release before the case is expunged from his record. During that time, he is not allowed to drink alcohol, and must attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and undergo mental-health treatment.

A second-degree burglary charge, a felony, was dismissed.

Since his arrest last February, Murphy has spent time in jail and under house arrest and has had to wear a GPS ankle bracelet. Scott County District Judge Thomas Reidel said in court that he placed more restrictions on Murphy out of concern for the former officer’s well-being.

“These restrictions went far beyond a slap on the wrist,” Reidel said.

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There is a reason most officers do not live in Davenport, they are avoiding the opportunities of running up against their fellow officers and petty arguments when off duty.


Pat Gibbs steals thousands, and this guy breaks into homes and stalks women. Both get light slaps on the wrist. Good ol boy justice at it's best.


If I broke into some lady's house and "put a hand over her mouth and said, “Don't call the police and don't file a report,” I think I would get more than a deferred sentence, not to
mention the aggravated stalking charges. What a travesty of justice, the Judge & Prosecutor
should be disbarred. Cronyism is rampant.


i wonder if a conviction would have terminated his retirement package? With no criminal record I could understand probation. But a deferred sentence, leaves me confused. On the other hand he does not appear to be a threat to anyone else in the community.


No, the conviction does not/would not change his retirement package.

Comment deleted.

Let me guess. You were UNJUSTLY charged with a crime and sentenced to either jail or prison. And you was innocent! Your type is easy to spot.

uncle ted

hey twigg man-it was a stalking charge and then some! Remember he entered a home! That's burglary. Yes it was dropped, so technically he can't be sentenced for it, but he is a loose canon to say the least. The woman must be terrified


You might want to do a bit of courtroom sitting too. There's no "technically " about it friend. What he was originally charged with plays no part in the current sentence. He pled guilty to two aggravated misdemeanors, that is what he has to be sentenced on. As to the victim. I have no first hand knowledge, but my experience tells me she was consulted and allowed to have input as to the sentence. Any prosecutor worth his or her salt talks to the victim in a case like this, and if she were to be adamantly opposed, would not go along with it.

uncle ted

Did anyone really think he'd do time? Put this in perspective: some people get more jail time on an OWI or selling weed. He stalked someone! Let's hope that woman never ends up dead. On a side note, this guy looks like death. Must be from his years of being a malicious narsistic piece of garbaage. Karma is working


No, lugnut, the average citizen would not have spent times in jail. This is a very normal sentence for a first time offender. Look up "deferred judgement", he is under the supervision of the court and has to comply with certain provisions to have the sentence deferred. Go sit in a courtroom sometime and watch. It's fascinating, you could learn a few things.


No wonder why are taxes keep going up. What a waste of time and money. I bet the average citizen would have spent some time in jail.


You do understand that it costs taxpayer money to put someone in jail, and it doesn't to not put them in jail, right? Also it is "our" taxes, not "are" taxes.

QCT commenters, lol.


WOW! I bet his wrist hurts after that little slap on the wrist. It's not what you do in this town, its who you know!

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